May 28, 2012

Writing Prompt: Fly OR Become an Animal?

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: Fly OR Become an Animal?

Life is all about choices. Will I bring peanut butter or turkey in my lunch? Do I choose the minty toothpaste or the blue gel toothpaste? Well this week’s Write On Writing Prompt from PuffinEagle3 presents us with another difficult choice:

Would you rather be able to fly or become an animal??

That’s a tough one! Can I choose to be a bird so I can do both, or is that not allowed? I wonder what most people would choose. Let PuffinEagle3 and the rest of us know what YOU would choose in the Comments below.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. c6

    I would like to be a talking cat, that way I can still be human in a way, but it would only be for a week or something. :)

  2. dramapanda13

    I want to be an animal. But not just any animal i want to be my favorite animal, a panda!!!

  3. angeldog50

    i would want to be an animal, i mean, would wouldn’t want the wind rushing through their fur and feel your muscles coiling?

  4. Julia

    I would like to FLY!!!!!!!!
    i will die if I was an animal,but I’m also with F.E.31 on the bird thing.

  5. Bojo

    I would want to FLY! I don’t want to be an animal! It isn’t safe, plus, being human is
    F-U-N! Yes, birds can fly, but not as high I bet, and they don’t know how to do all kinds of flying tricks… :D

  6. bananamoonrise3

    that is a very good question. i love animals and would love to fly. if i had to pick one it would problaly be a macaw.

  7. cheesecat17

    I would rather be an animal. I have plenty of animals and they seem to have a good life. All of my animals are very spoiled so I think that if I’m just as spoiled, not that I’m not now, that I would have the best animal life ever. Think about it you wouldn’t have to go to school or anything.

  8. blackblue1022

    I don’t really know if i were to choose an animal i would either be a koala bear or a panda bear (they r so cute!!!!) but if i were to choose fly i would,well,fly. :)

  9. Nisha

    I would rather be an animal, because they usually have a lot of energy and are just very interesting.

  10. Silverdolphin101

    Fly! If I became an animal I might get hunted and that would not be safe for me. Plus, it would be very fun to see the little people walking down below!