May 21, 2012

Writing Prompt: Fill it Up!

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Writing_prompt_genericWriting Prompt: Fill it Up!

This week’s Writing Prompt comes to us from Lordofawesomeness (AWESOME screen name by the way) who asks an equally awesome question:

If you could fill up a jar with anything you like, what would those items be?

My first thought was chocolate. But then I realized if I filled the jar with $100 bills . . . I could buy lots and lots of chocolate!

What about you guys? What would fill up YOUR jar? Let Lordofawesomeness know, in the Comments below.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Elia

    er… i guess if i could i would fill it up with awesomeness well i cant so i guess i could keep a bunny in it… if it were only big enough cause there so soft…

  2. Ally

    I would fill my jar with money for the children in Africa. Actually in Uganda, lot it up if u dont know about it.

  3. sapphiretalons2

    I’d fill my jar with diffrent colored pencils pens crayons markers and stuff like a rainbow!!! I’d fill my jar with a rainbow!!!!!!!!!

  4. goofysurfing2

    Good question…..I’m going to go with…hmmmm…I guess money!!! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!!!

  5. trumpetamethyst2

    Hmm… Maybe, different knick-knacks such as cool erasers shaped as animals and stuff. Or maybe something like never-melting popsicles. Too bad. :c Thats just my fantasy. But I would fill it up with cool little toys and erasers. :D And maybe a ghost-chili pepper (the hottest pepper in the world). ;o

  6. Megan

    The thing that would fill up my jar would be all different types of candy. Candy from around the world !!!!!