May 1, 2012

Would You Rather Quiz

WouldYouRatherLife is full of important questions. Like why is the sky blue? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Where's Waldo? But now it's time for the most important question of them all: Would You Rather? Yes, it's that time again when Ink Splot 26 pushes you to your creative limits and forces you to make some tough decisions. So without further ado, here's what you've all been waiting for!

Would you rather . . . 

  1. Fly on the back of a griffin OR swim in the ocean with a sea monster?
  2. Learn how to cast spells OR learn how to brew potions?
  3. Travel around the world in a hot air balloon OR sail the seven seas in a boat?
  4. Star on a TV show OR become a pop star?
  5. Go hiking in the Amazon jungle OR spend the day on the beach in the Caribbean?
  6. Fight a hoard of pirates OR battle a band of ninjas?
  7. Travel to the moon OR journey to the center of Earth?
  8. Travel across America on a bike OR ride across the 50 states on horseback?
  9. Play in a rock band OR perform a symphony in an orchestra?
  10. Read a new book every day for a year OR write a new book every day for a year?

Post your answers in the Comments below. Good luck making these tough decisions!

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  1. witchunicorn5

    Swim in the ocean with a sea monster,unless it eats me.
    Cas spells..he he he..
    Travel around the world in 80 days with a hot ballon.
    Star on TV.
    Pirates. H’yah!
    To the moon.
    Rock in a rockin’ band!
    Write! Write alert!
    Oh, hi, fairymerald31.Check out the General discussion board. I have a post 4 u,since u r my friend.

  2. BlueKitten215

    1. Fly on the back of a Griffin
    2. Cast spells
    3.Sail the seven seas in a boat.
    4. Become a Pop Star!
    5.Spend the day on the beach!! Duh!
    6.Battle Ninjas (Because I am a Ninja!!)
    7.Journey to the Center of the Earth. 8.Horse Back
    9.Prefrom in a Orchestra
    10. Both!!

  3. AthenaAuthor22

    1. Fly on the back of a griffin.
    2. Cast Spells
    3. Hot air balloon (I don’t like boats)
    4.TV show (I can’t sing)
    5. Carribean
    6. Pirates
    8.Horseback (I can’t ride a bike)
    9. Rock Band
    10.Write (Random pick, I would do both.)

  4. purplepenguin304
    2.spells air balloon
    5.ninjas!!!!!!!!!! of the earth
    7.T.V show
    9.rock band