May 2, 2012

Whatever After Book #1: Fairest of All

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Sneak PeekModern Day Fairy Tale Series: Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski

Every time Abby and Jonah enter their basement mirror, they find themselves messing up a different fairy tale! In Fairest of All, Book #1 of the Whatever After series, Abby and Jonah get tangled in Snow White’s story. Once there, they accidentally change major events in the tale! In order for Snow White to get her happy ending, it’s up to Abby and Jonah to make things right. Whatever After: Fairest of All book cover by Sarah Mlynowski

What do you think? Are you excited for a new twist on the Snow White story? If you could enter any fairy tale, which would YOU choose? Leave a Comment.

–Vanessa, Scholastic Trade Books

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  1. astronautsurgeon10

    I wish that happened to me so i can get away from home a lot and nobody would know!

  2. Emanuelle

    I love Whatever After. It’s my favorite book series. Sarah will be sending you a letter soon!!!!! This book is the best book ever! I wish I was Abby! Keep on writing Sarah!

  3. catcat11622

    Hey everyone! I thought about looking in stores because of the video and introduction. I cant wait to read this book! Don’t forget to buddy me!

  4. Kuini

    Well, I think this book is a great descriptive book, great and I think it’s great for kids to read or for their parents to read it to them as a good night story!!