May 8, 2012

Personality Quiz

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Trivia_quiz1Today's Personality Quiz comes from FairyEmerald31 on the STACK Back Message Board. Enjoy!

I decided to make a quiz to determine your personality. The answers (mostly A's, B's, C's . . . you get the idea) will be out next week. Just write down the answers in the Comments to participate, and then check back next week to see what your personality is.

  1. It's picture day tomorrow. What are you most likely going to wear? 
    A. The cute new dress you saw at the mall. 
    B. A sweatshirt and your favorite pants. 
    C. Probably just a shirt and skirt, nothing fancy.
  2. You chipped your nail. How do you react? 
    A. You scream and shout. Worst day ever! 
    B. Ignore it. You already chew them. 
    C. Have your parents cut off the rest of them so it blends in.
  3. You're late for school. What do you do? 
    A. Have your parents drive you. 
    B. Jog.
    C. Bike it!
  4. It's a rainy day. How do you spend it? 
    A. Look at the latest fashions. 
    B. Jumping in puddles!
    C. Just read a book.
  5. What's your idea of a great restaurant? 
    A. The fanciest place in town with a large menu. 
    B. A casual place, the simpler the better. 
    C. I'm fine with anything. I'm not picky.
  6. What's your favorite art tool? 
    A. Glitter, and lots of it! 
    B. Art, are you kidding? I'm terrible! 
    C. Crayons in pretty colors.

That's the quiz. I'll have the answers next week. Bye!

image from kids.scholastic.comFairyEmerald31 (c/o Sonja, STACKS Staffer)

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  1. purpledance175

    This is awesome can you make your own? I know that sounds stupid, but I just got an account

  2. Yeah me

    Why would you have your parents cut your nails? Wouldn’t you do it yourself. And on picture day I pic none of the above: A cute top and a cute pair of jeans.

  3. challengerspy4

    Those are my choices, you might have differant ones. Hope you read mine!:)

  4. pegasusathena1

    1.C. Probably just a shirt and skirt, nothing fancy.
    2.B. Ignore it. You already chew them.
    3.A. Have your parents drive you.
    4.C. Just read a book.
    5.C. I’m fine with anything. I’m not picky
    6.A. Glitter, and lots of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!