May 4, 2012

First Position Ballet Movie

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FirstPositionshoesFirst Position Ballet Movie

First Position is a new documentary film about 6 actual dancers (ages 9-19) at one of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions, where hundreds of young dancers compete for a handful of elite scholarships and contracts. The film paints a thrilling and moving portrait of some of these gifted young ballet stars of tomorrow as they push themselves to the limit to realize their dreams.

Take a look at this video clip from the movie where Michaela DePrince talks about her dreams and her struggles as an African-American ballerina.

Follow Michaela and other amazing ballet dancers on a yearlong journey around the world as they face injury and personal sacrifice on their way to the Youth America Grand Prix competition. It looks like a really inspiring film.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. pinkdance252

    That ballerina is a beautiful dancer. She, graceful, flexable, and she has beautiful feet. Those are all qulities that a good dancer should have.

  2. onyxkoalabear5

    I think that movie looks really good. It’s a inspiration to me(and should be to others) that saying I can do anything.

  3. sharklavender3

    im a black ballerina and i cant get as poise and as gracefull as her and look at how she jetes bballerina term 4 jump oh and add me if u like ballet :)

  4. amberaqua131

    ballet is very beautiful but point is even more. i am to start point in 3 weeks and i am very excited a wonderful experience!!!

  5. dolphinscarlet11

    I would like to watch that movie and it will be a cool thing to show other kids that want to be a ballerina.

  6. stormseal6

    you go gal just keep beliven and did ballea to but, to be onest I’m not as good as you keep beliven

  7. sciencearcade6

    this girl has a dream she needs to hang on to so she should’nt let go like my dream. I what to be an actores so she needs to hang on & never let go:)