May 15, 2012

Color Blindness Quiz

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Trivia Tuesday:

Color Blindness Trivia Quiz

What do Mr. Rogers, Bill Clinton, Keanu Reeves and Prince William all have in common? Besides being famous, they also all happen to be color blind! Inspired by our Left Handers Trivia Quiz, we decided to do a Color Blindness Quiz. To get you revved up, take a look at this image and see if you can decipher what letter or number it shows. Which leads us to our first Quiz question. . . Color29

  1. What letter or number is inside the circle? If you can't tell, chances are you're color blind!
  2. TRUE or FALSE. If you're color blind, you can't see any colors at all.
  3. Who is more likely to be color blind, men or women?  
  4. Name a job that requires you NOT to be color blind.  
  5. Are bees color blind?  
  6. If you're color blind, how many color hues are you able to see? A. 0 B. 3 C. 20 D. 50 
  7. Name the cure for color blindness.
  8. How can a color blind person tell if a traffic light is red or green? 
  9. If a woman is color blind, will all her sons be color blind?

Leave your answers in the Comments below, and check the official answers!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. bluecalm135

    1.29,but can’t barely see. 2.true 3.women 4.uhhh….doctor 5.i don’t know 6.b 7.idk 8.idk depends??????????????

  2. Mysterygirl123

    1) 29
    2)FALSE, it’s just some colors look like other, like tan could look grey.
    3) IDK.
    4) artist I guess…or a teacher, well…IDK THIS!!! ;-;
    5) No idea! :)
    6) C
    7) None.
    8) *Le gasp* Oh wait I know! They get used to the colors! Yeah! :)
    9) No.

  3. queenlavender2

    1. 29
    2. False
    3. men
    4. ummm…writer, pilot
    5. no
    6. B.
    7. no cure
    8. red is on the top, green is on the bottom OR maybe because they can see red and green
    9. maybe

  4. Maria

    1. 29
    2. False
    3. Men?
    4. ???
    5. Yes?
    6. C?
    7. There is none
    8. How high it is on the traffic light
    9. Yes?

  5. dizzyferret

    4.the bomb squad
    6.B 3
    7.none the position of the light on the traffic light thingy depends on their X-Chromosomes

  6. angeldusk24

    0. 29
    1. False
    2. Men
    3. No
    4. Artist
    5. C- 20
    6. If anything,lazer surgery
    7. The traffic light changes color AND lights up. Color blind people aren’t light blind, are they? Light blind doesn’t even exist!
    8. No. Color blindness might pass on, because of the genes. The men, or boys ARE more likely to be color blind, but that does not necasserily mean that all of her sons will be.

  7. Dakota

    no idea
    B maybe? Not sure…
    It depends on whether the dad is color blind

  8. Mermaidaphrodite42

    1. 29 but i can barley see it!
    2.false (lol)
    4.painter (they better not be color blind!)
    5.uummmmm yess???!
    7.idk so im going to skip it
    9 no?

  9. Tiffany

    My Answers:
    1. 29
    2. false
    3. men
    4. artist
    5. some are some aren’t
    6. B
    7. nothing known of
    8. by where the light is
    for example: red-top, green-bottom
    9. not neccesarily

  10. chattyangel42

    1. 29
    2. False
    3. IDK!
    4. I don’t know…
    5. I don’t think so…
    6. B
    7. Nothing?
    8. How high or low it is on the traffic light
    9. No, it’s like being deaf, all your children won’t be deaf, too!

  11. tempestcreek4

    1. 29!!!
    2. False.
    3. Men
    4. Writer!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
    5. Yes (?)
    6. C.
    7. There is none.
    8. The position on the light.
    9. Not necessarily.
    I hope I did well. Thanks for the quiz!