April 16, 2012

Writing Prompt: BFF Book Characters

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Writing_prompt_bookWriting Prompt: BFF Book Characters

What if you could make your favorite book character come to life and become your BFF? Or which book character would be your sworn enemy? Well, this week’s Write On Writing Prompt gives you the chance to answer those very questions. It comes to us from 44maplesyrup, who asks:

Which book character would you like to be friends with?
Which would be your enemy?
Which would you want to date?
Which would you want to switch places with?

Here’s my go at it:

Friend: Nikki Maxwell from The Dork Diaries series
Enemy: Voldemort. Of course!!!
Date: Edward from Twilight (for ages 12 and up) 
Switch Places: Meg from A Wrinkle in Time (I’ve always wanted to time travel.)

What are YOUR answers? Let 44maplesyrup know in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Katniss

    1. Madeline from “Awaken” (P.S. has anyone else read that???)
    2. Vesper 1… Meh!!!
    3. Lee from “Tomorrow, When the War Began” (read that???)
    4. Katniss Everdeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. aquaheatwave10

    My book bff: Hermionie (Harry Potter)
    Enemy: Voldemort/You-Know-Who (Harry Potter)
    Date; None
    Swith: Love my life so None
    Thank you for posting this Writing Prompt!

  3. Isla Silvercresent

    Friend: Mo from Lemonade Mouth
    Enemy: Count Olaf
    Date: Jacob from Twilight or Puck from Iron King
    Switch Places: Cammie from the Gallagher Girls

  4. falliscool

    friends with: hemione or Luna or Amy or annabeth
    Which would be your enemy: Voldemort the vespers the titans and the giants
    Which would you want to date: Percy i guess
    Which would you want to switch places with: maybe Claire or massie from the clique

  5. hannah

    friend:hermione, ron ,harry, and neville
    date: harry potter or edward
    switch places: harry potter or bella swan

  6. Gabbygirl4

    Mom:Honey,What do you want your name changed too?
    Mom:Katniss Everdeen???
    Me:Katniss Marie Everdeen.

  7. Fairyemerald31

    Friend: Athena from Goddess Girls
    Enemy: Voldemort
    Date: Percy Jackson!
    Switch Places: Joesefina from American Girl
    See ya!!

  8. bikingblue104

    One shoes, the shoes of a master lost in the bed corner, the dark spent a long time. A will to produce mice me into its nest, so that when the little mouse’s nest. Looked at the leisurely pace of life of the mice, I pray to God to let me become a mouse.
    Merciful God granted me my request, let me become a mouse. Rats, I know the when rats difficulty. During the day can not come out, come out at night to steal food but also to avoid the arrest of the cat. Some mice when I am tired of this life, I want to be a cat. When the cat is more than okay during the day drilling in the arms of the owner to play at night can catch the mouse to play more than okay.

  9. Who needs shoes

    People always need shoes, a close friend
    Climbing the road should be with the shoes
    The shoes are always willing to be intimate partner of the human
    Never exposed to their own complaints
    Happiness to mankind!
    This may be their own destiny
    Human beings seem to think that he is never stepped on the top of the shoes
    As scaffold
    Years years months
    From year to
    One day the shoes break
    People take it away

  10. Jewel

    mmm…KATNISS OR,,,maybe Thalia??
    Voldemort and Mackenzie
    im satisfied with the normal life im having,so….none!!

  11. rosalinda

    Friend:Nancy from Fancy Nancy
    Enemy:Count Olaf from “The Bad Beginning
    Date:Jacob!!!!from TWILIGHT
    Switch Places:NY to china

  12. Rachel

    Kate Weatherhall (The Mysterious Benedict Society)
    Voldemort(once again)
    James Bond (Young, from the book Silverfin)
    Scarlett o’Hara (Gone With the Wind)

  13. chattyangel42

    Friend: I have to go with you Ratha. I love Nikki!
    Enemy:Voldemort(duh) and Simon Heap
    Date:Peeta from THG!(of course!)
    Switch Places:Billie Jo from Out of the Dust(This book is a fiction from the past, so I’d like to know how it was back then.)

  14. Holly

    Freind: Lyssa from Author Gordman Korman’s book, Island.
    Enemy:Well, of course, Radford from the book, Island.
    Date: I would date Luke from the book, Island.
    Switch Places: I would switch places with no-one. I love my life.

  15. blackvampire126

    1-Peeta Mellark(The Hunger Games)
    2-President Snow(The Hunger Games)
    3-Katniss Everdeen(The Hunger Games)
    4-Harry Potter

  16. pegasusathena1

    friend:Harry Potter,Ron Weasley,Hemione Granger,Percy Jackson,Annabeth Chess and Grover Underwood
    enemy:Paragor from the Door within Trilogy
    date:Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter
    switch place:Antoinette from the Door Within Trilogy

  17. Stargirl

    Tiffany Aching
    Voldemort (duh)
    None (I’m more the Artemis type)
    Aly from Creative Girls Club (Thalia would be cool too)
    PS: Yes I changed my pen name AGAIN