April 24, 2012

One Direction Quiz

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IDAre you dying of One Direction infection? If so, I’m totally with you. I’m old enough to be their auntie, but I still think they are awesome, so I made this One Direction Trivia Quiz to test how much you really know about these 5 adorable boys from the U.K.

You can find some of the answers in our One Direction interview. For the rest, just use your “sense of Direction.” (Ha ha! Sorry I’m such a dork.) I hope you like my quiz!

  1. Match the 1D boy with the actor who should play him in a fictional movie about their lives.
    Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis
    Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Lautner, Tom Felton, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp
  2. What kind of pets does Liam have?
    A) Hamsters B) Snakes C) Turtles D) Tarantulas
  3. Which boy farts the most?
    A) Harry B) Liam C) Louis D) Niall E) Zayn
  4. Louis jokingly said he likes girls who . . .
    A) smoke pipes. B) eat carrots. C) read a lot. (like MEE!!!) D) have American accents. (Me again!!!!!)
  5. Which of the boys is from Ireland?
    A) Harry B) Liam C) Louis D) Niall E) Zayn
  6. What was Harry’s favorite book as a kid?
    A) Horrible Harry Goes Cuckoo B) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone C) Harry the Dirty Dog  D) Harry Houdini: Master of Magic 
  7. Which boy did Sam kidnap on iCarly?
    A) Harry B) Liam C) Louis D) Niall E) Zayn
  8. What profession would Zayn have pursued if he had not made it big as a singer? A) English teacher B) Tattoo artist C) Professional surfer D) Chef
  9. Which boy has the loudest, most spontaneous personality?
    A) Harry B) Liam C) Louis D) Niall E) Zayn
  10. Which boy is the youngest in the group?
    A) Harry B) Liam C) Louis D) Niall E) Zayn

If you know the answers to all these questions off the top of your head, then you are a legend! All Directioners should bow to you! Leave your answers in the Comments and click here for the answers.

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  1. lavendercandy71

    i luv harry so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. that if i had the chance to meet him i’d jump an screem until my voice went.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Wiseathena34

    I love one direction best band in the world and who is the best(it’s kind of obvious) NAILL HORAN
    I <3 him

  3. PrincessRozelyn

    1. I’m not sure but I’m sure that Liam – Johnny Depp.
    2. Turtles
    3. -
    4. eat carrots
    5. Niall
    6. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone
    7. Zayn
    8. -
    9. Louis
    10. Harry
    I like Niall :) he’s more cool with his guitars on. I want to jam with him! :)

  4. funnycloudburst2

    1.Niall: Tom felton harry:orlando bloom liam:taylor lautner zayn:johnny depp louis:leonardo decaprio

  5. orangeblue66

    OMG harry is the cutist ♥ ill love u 4ever harhar
    i know all the answers
    especily the ones about