April 9, 2012

Cartoon Character Writing Prompt

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There’s nothing like a good cartoon. I love my live-action shows, but give me a cartoon any day to relax and have a good laugh. . .which brings me to this week’s Write On Writing Prompt from Cheerfulsong3:

“What if you got to hang out for a night with your favorite cartoon character? Pick your cartoon character and then include all the details. What did you eat for dinner? Who made it? What did you do after dinner? Were you surprised?”

My favorite characters are Scooby Doo, Candace from Phineas and Ferb, and Gumball. I love watching, but I’m not sure I would want to hang out with them, because they’re totally crazy! I am more entertained by them.

If I had to pick someone to hang out with, I’d pick Yoda from Lego Star Wars. I love his wisdom and how annoyed he is with the universe. (“Always right, why must I be?”) We would eat spaghetti with meatballs for dinner, and ice cream sundaes for dessert. The food would be prepared by Luke and Leia, and served to us by Boba Fett. Then we would fly around the universe. Yoda would impart his wisdom and sarcasm as we toured the galaxy.

Which character would you guys choose? Let Cheerfulsong3 know in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. dolphinbrain37

    A cartoon character I would like to hang out with would be the Titans so I could be safe and secure.

  2. werewolfcat5

    I would hang out with Scooby Doo.We ate junk food for dinner because I like junk food and I’m sure Scooby Doo likes them too.We would do board games after dinner.I wasn’t suprised.

  3. J & A

    My favorite cartoon charater is Pops from the Regular Show. I like him because he inspires me to be the person I am now. He inspires me because he is nice and he has a big head. This is why I like Pops.

  4. elfheroine1

    OOO! I would TOTALLY hang out with Ahsoka Tano! But, Obi-Wan or Anakin would be cool too. We would eat weird food from Star Wars, and Dexter Jetster would make it! And then we would go do some cool tricks with lightsabers! I was not surprised.

  5. J

    I love regular show. Mordecai and Rigby are always slacking of and they do stupid stuff that make me laugh. I also like naruto it is the best fighting show ever. I like the ending of naruto when naruto and sasuke started to fight. It was so cool when naruto’s rasengan and sasuke’s chidori clashed and naruto lost. I also like dragon ball z it is the number #1 fighting show ever. My favorite battle was when super sayan 2 gohan and perfect form cell clashed their two kamehamehas together. I watch so much tv. I also read the manga naruto, narut shippuden, and dragon ball z.