March 1, 2012


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This post is sponsored by The Lorax movie.

The Lorax movie (rated PG) comes to theaters on March 2. Watch this video that goes behind the scenes to show how a whole team of people (including Zac Efron and Taylor Swift) created The Lorax movie from Dr. Seuss’s book.

Video and image courtesy of Universal Studios

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  1. dancingjalepeno

    I saw it yesterday with my friends! It was sooooooo awesome!!!! (though I wish Taylor Swift was in it more)

  2. grace

    I LOVED THAT movie!!!!!!!!! so funny and Audrey i loooooooooooved the hair, the outfit, the everything.Great job Taylor!!!!!! p.s amuseddrama7 so agree with u my fave part.

  3. athenadragon76

    I LOVED the book “Lorax!”
    I remember in first grade I watched the old version of “The Lorax.” This movie will surely be a success! We all thank Dr.Seuss for creating this story!

  4. amethystcat55

    That is what I wanted to do for my birthday but it was going to come out to late and we looked it up and it wasn’t out but I loved the book it is my favorite book in the history of books.I love books.

  5. amuseddrama7

    i so want to c the movie i like the comerciles especilly the on where taylor says “i could so kiss u right now” then the mom says no theres no time for that” then zac like “well we have time right now” the taylor says “ssssshhhhhh” =)

  6. B Gingersnaps

    This looks like a very entertaining movie. I can’t wait for it. One suggestion. Add a moose to appeal more to people like me.

  7. SM

    The book is so sad. He shouldn’t have cut all the trees. I hope the movie is as good as the book. For, the book is something I never will forget.