March 6, 2012

Random Bacon Trivia Quiz

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Bacon is gooooood!

Hi! Today's Trivia Quiz is inspired by my random love of bacon. It might not be the healthiest food out there, but it is soooo yummalicious! I even know a vegetarian who won't eat any other meat, but she can't resist bacon. So, whether you are a fan of processed pork deliciousness, or if you refuse to eat it, take our quiz to see how much you really know.

  1. Who would win? Bacon vs. Cheese
  2. Who would win? Bacon vs. SPAM (the food, not the junk email –although, why *is* junk email called spam?)
  3. Who would win? Bacon vs. One Direction
  4. Who would win? Bacon vs. Harry Potter
  5. Who would win? Bacon vs. Disney World
  6. When was bacon invented?
  7. What part of the pig does bacon come from?
  8. What is a rasher of bacon? (Hint: This question will be much easier for readers outside the U.S.)
  9. What does the expression "bring home the bacon" mean?
  10. What is your favorite way to eat bacon?

Check your answers, and tell us your thoughts about bacon, good or bad!

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  1. foreverelephant

    *high fives Melanie*
    I’m Jewish and I keep Kosher, so I can’t eat Bacon either! :D

  2. Kaylie

    I’m Muslim too, so I can’t eat bacon, but I loved the article- it’s very funny. Plus I live in America, so I find this very funny. :-)

  3. catart305

    0.ehh it cheese
    3.harry potter because one of my friend love harry :]
    4.DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!! 5.sixteenth century
    6.back I know cause i am in gifted c lass is just a slice
    8.This is an old term meaning: to make the money,
    9.EHH i do not eat bacon cauz i am vietnamese.

  4. Amber

    1) Bacon
    2) Bacon
    3) One Direction
    4) Harry Potter
    5) Disney World
    6) How should I know?
    7) Idk and i dont wanna know
    8) What is a rasher??!
    9) I have never heard that expression in my life
    10) ummm isnt there only 1 way of eating bacon….by holding it in ur hands….

  5. UnicornFangs9

    ;3 I’m a vegetarian. So Therefore i do NOT eat any meat.
    I live in The Uk so like idk.
    but i LOVE MEAT but HATE the idea of killing any animal…

  6. Starrninjarawr

    1. Cheese
    2. Bacon
    3. One Direction
    4. Harry Potter
    5. Disney World
    6. 1798
    7. Back; US:Belly
    8. A strip of bacon
    9. To earn money
    10. With eggs, bread, and sausage

  7. Kate

    5.Disney World
    6.NO IDEA :P
    7.Back or Side
    8.I dont know
    9.Make money
    10.In an omelet with ham, eggs and BACON!

  8. M

    1. Bacon
    2. Bacon
    3. Bacon
    4. Bacon
    5. Disney World
    6. Around 300 B.C.E. (i think)
    7. The back
    8. One slice of bacon or raw pork
    9. It means get your butt to the store and GIVE ME MY BACON!
    10. With maple syrup!! mmmmmmm

  9. Junoelf1

    Who would win? Bacon vs. Cheese: Cheese all the way
    Who would win? Bacon vs. SPAM: Bacon. ugh spam
    Who would win? Bacon vs. One Direction: One direction
    Who would win? Bacon vs. Harry Potter: HARRY POTTER
    Who would win? Bacon vs. Disney World: Disney World
    When was bacon invented?: Ummm, since people figured out how to butcher a pig
    What part of the pig does bacon come from: the hind?
    What is a rasher of bacon? no idea
    What does the expression “bring home the bacon” mean: i think it means provide for your family
    What is your favorite way to eat bacon? nice and crispy right out of the pan

  10. Percy and Harry Fan

    It’s against my religion to eat pork or beef, so for all the answers…I’ll put the other option. (Especially number 4!)

  11. Bookworm

    1. Bacon
    2. Bacon
    3. Bacon
    4. Bacon
    5. Disney World
    6. 1798
    7. Back and Stomach
    8. An individual slice of bacon
    9. Supply material provision or support; earn a living / achieve success
    10. With real Canadian Maple syrup!

  12. ipodpanda6

    4.HARRY POTTER:)!!!!!
    5.disney world
    7.every part

  13. wszgfdx


  14. Melanie

    Well, actually I live in the U.S.A but I’m Muslim so I can’t eat any pig products, like pork bacon. Plus, I’m not a fan of turkey bacon. But I like your article. :)

  15. EpicInk2

    1) Cheese, definitely. I love cheese. Cheddar, and double gloucester, mmm…
    2) I’m British and we don’t have spam (the food) so bacon :3
    3) Bacon. I’m not a One Direction fan *awkward moment as appalled fangirls stare at me in horror*
    4) Harry Potter. ‘Cos Harry Potter goes “*screams desperately, throws a tantrum* EXPELLIARMUS!”
    5) DISNEY WORLD. They have genies. Your argument is invalid.
    6) No idea :/
    7) Back or sides ;]
    8) A thin slice or strip of bacon. In Britain we have these sweets and they’re like gummy stuff and one strip’s red and one’s yellow etc and they look like little rashers and they’re coated in the fizzy sugar you get on fizzy strawberry laces and they’re called Fizzy Rashers.
    9) Earn a living ;D
    10) On a morning with a nice English breakfast of toast, mushrooms, beans and sausages. Greedy greedy xD

  16. fuschiaacrobatics7

    1. Bacon
    5.Disney World
    7.the body
    8.measles i guess
    9.I love bacon
    10.with eggs sausage and bicuits