February 27, 2012

Writing Prompt: Haiku

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Writing Prompt: Haiku

This week's Write On Writing Prompt is brought to us by Yuna, who had SO many great ideas, we couldn't choose just one. So take your pick from Yuna's "write-eous" ideas:

  1. Write a haiku about what you think will happen today.
  2. Who's your favorite author and why?

  3. What's your favorite book and why?

  4. Write an essay about how you would describe yourself.
  5. Write about a dream or nightmare you had.

I'm going for the haiku (a Japanese-inspired, short  3-line poem with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern) Mine is not the perfect amount of syllables, but you get the idea.

Early, I awaken,
Eat my Cheerios quickly,
Wish for gummy bears instead.

What about you guys? Haiku? Favorite book or author? Dream or nightmare you had? Inquiring minds want to know which writing prompt prompts YOU!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. runner99

    A DREAM…
    I stand silently, looking out of a large glass window that shows me a lush green meadow. I feel the warm sun on my face. Outside, children play, and I ache desperately to join them. Yet somehow, I can feel in my bones that I cannot. I do not belong.

  2. Rico

    Once I ate some cake
    Fell into a sugar sleep
    then I woke today
    Stars, vast and deep
    in the void, brightly shine
    Without remorse, cold.

  3. shyauthor3

    Gah! I only write poems with rhymes in them! This makes me want to pull my hair out now that I figure out what a haiku is! No offense to anyone who wrote a haiku… I just think they’re a little… confusing!

  4. dancingband29

    This is not a haiku…..
    I clapped out he syllables and they were 6, 7, 8. That is awkward…………

  5. athena wise10

    the example haiku is completely wrong only the seven syllable part is correct and haikus are about nature and have a season
    example: Baby bird breaks through/Awoken from his long nap/He says his first chirp
    see the syllables are right, it has a season, and it is about nature

  6. aquagreen91

    OK, i could probably try that sometime on my own. we had to do it in class this one time. it was kinda hard.