February 15, 2012

One Direction Interview

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Introducing British Boy Band ONE DIRECTION!!!

Even though they are huge in England, a lot of people in the U.S. don’t know about this British band yet. But you should because they are awesome! They are currently touring with Big Time Rush; their debut album will be released here on March 13, their single “What Makes You Beautiful” made it to the iTunes top 10; and they will be appearing on an episode of iCarly sometime during the fifth season.

And they are not bad to look at, either. Here they are in order from left to right: Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.


Our Scholastic interviewer Marie Morreale chatted with the guys over the phone about their experience as mega-superstars in England. Find out about their embarrassing pranks on each other, which one of them farts the most, and what they love about Americans. Whether you have never heard of them, or you already have One Direction infection, read on because this interview is hilarious!

Marie: Harry, I read that Elvis is your musical inspiration. How did you get into Elvis?
Harry: I think my dad used to just listen to it a lot when I was quite young. He always had it on in the car and stuff. And now Zayn has stolen his hair. [Laughter]

Marie: What’s the funniest prank that you guys have played on each other?
Louis: I don’t know about the funniest, but probably the most recent was when Niall was queuing for a Burger King or a McDonald’s, and I just thought it would be funny to quickly pull his trousers down, and everyone saw. He still had pants on [i.e. underwear]. It was just his trousers. [Laughter]
Niall: You like that one, Marie?
Marie: I love that one.  [Laughter] It sounds like you guys do too. [Lots of laughter]

Marie: Louis, is it true that one of your favorite things is carrots?
Louis: Ok, so when we first started out, we did a video diary and they asked what I like in a girl, and all the other boys gave really standard answers like, you know: “a girl with nice eyes”, “a girl with nice color hair”, and I just thought it would be quirky and a little bit funny to say something completely random, so I went with, “I like girls who eat carrots.” Since then, people have thrown carrots at us on stage, which, by the way, are quite hard. People have just offered them as gifts, which is good. But yeah, that’s the carrot story. Now I wish that I said expensive cars.

Marie: What are your first impressions of America?
Liam: Um, I really like it because it’s really hot over there and the people are actually really nice. So when you go to a restaurant and stuff and you -
Harry: Even people in the street.
Liam: Yeah, people in the street as well, but in the restaurants, they’re always asking like -
Harry: “Hey, how you doing?”
Liam: The common line in Florida after you finish your meal is, “Have a good day,” which is amazing, I think. You don’t really hear that in the U.K.

Marie: Liam, I read in a magazine that you like ducks? What’s that all about?
Liam: I like what?
Marie: Ducks. Water birds.
Zayn: Quack quack.
Liam: One of the pranks that Louis -
Louis: I remember it clearly. The last time we had a meeting with a duck was actually when I borrowed one from a Swedish hotel. A model duck.
Zayn: It was a goose. He was a goose.
Louis: It was a goose. Yeah. I just took it because it was the first time I felt at one with an animal. [Laughter]

Marie: What is the best book you ever read?
Harry: The best book that I ever read was . . .like when I was like, “This is amazing. . . ” I’m gonna go Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. [Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for us in the U.S.]
Zayn: I think we’re all fans of autobiographies.
Liam: Yeah, autobiographies are really good to read. It’s interesting to find out about people’s lives and how they got to where they are. It is. It’s excellent.
Marie: People are going to be reading books about you guys not too long from now.
Liam: Yeah, we’ve actually already got two books out in the U.K. The first one about our X Factor experience, and the second one is more about us. It’s got a chapter on each of us about our lives before this all happened, as kids and stuff.

Marie: I’m going to ask a question to each of you.
Louis: Marie, I love your accent. [Laughter]
Marie: Tell us one thing about one of the other guys.
Harry: Niall farts a lot, and they smell.
Louis: His bottom makes noises. [Laughter]
Niall: Marie, don’t laugh at that one.
Louis: Marie, you sound like great fun. I hope we get to meet you in person.
Marie: Listen, when you guys come here, I’m having you up at Scholastic. We’re gonna have a big party here.
Louis: We’re only interested in you, Marie. [Laughter]
Marie: Alright, so Harry go on.
Harry: Ok, so Niall makes bottom noises and is very carefree. Liam is sensible but quite quirky. Zayn is quiet but very funny, and quite strange. And Louis is loud. He is spare of the moment, very -
Louis: [Laughter] Let me just take over, Marie. Sorry. Harry just said “spare of the moment.” This is one of those moments where I think he’s thought all of his life that the phrase is “spare.” I will now tell him that it is spur. It’s “spur of the moment.”
Harry: Spur of the moment and very . . . I don’t know what the word is.
Liam: Spontaneous.
Harry: Spontaneous!

Marie: Liam, what’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked by a fan?
Liam: Yesterday this girl asked to lick my face. That was really random. I felt very uncomfortable.[Laughter] Yeah, she was like, “Can I lick your face?” and I was a bit like, “You cannot lick my face.” [Laughter]

Marie: Niall, where in the world would you most like to go?
Niall: New York City. Ah. [Laughter] Where everybody talks like you. You know that east coast accent. You talk like –
Louis: An angel.
Niall: An angel. [Laughter]
Marie: Aw.
Niall: But my uncle talks like you. My aunt lives in Queens, and her husband talks like you.
Harry: Marie, look how much we’ve got in common.

Mike the Manager guy: Marie, we just need to wrap up.
Niall: We’re having so much fun, Mike.
Louis: Marie, I’m serious. We definitely need to meet up when we come to America.
Harry: Mike, we want to meet Marie. Absolutely.
Mike the Manager guy: We’re definitely going to go there.
Harry: Yes. We love Marie.

Marie, please can I be there when One Direction comes to the Scholastic offices? Please! Please! Please! They are adorable, right? What do you think? Is 1D about to take America by storm? Leave a Comment!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

2013 UPDATE: Yes, obviously they took America and the world by storm. Click here to find out the latest on One Direction.

Interview by Marie Morreale

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  1. Isisghost3

    Yes yes YES!!! They are AMAZING!!! And British. XD So, One Direction, if you’re reading this… *singsongy voice* “That’s what makes you beautiful!!” XD

  2. blueyes353

    omgg u=ive listened to you guys you are awesom and you guys soung great about to go back and listen to over and over again :) ))))

  3. emily

    This was so funny! If you don’t know them yet, CHECK THEM OUT. Seriously, their songs are great. And noooo they are not too bad to look at!

  4. puffinfrost4

    Hi! I love you one direction! I really like how there is a interview of one direction. I was dying to read it! I hope someone replies to this message. I LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION!!! ♥♥♥