February 24, 2012

Cymphonique Knows How To Rock

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 Fifteen-year-old Cymphonique Miller is the star of the new Nickelodeon show How To Rock. She comes from a family of rappers. Her brother is Lil' Romeo, and her father is Master P., so she has already had experience in the entertainment industry. And it shows in How to Rock

The show is based on the book How to Rock Glasses and Braces by Meg Hastin. Cymphonique plays the most popular and beautiful girl in school whose life is ruined when she gets glasses and braces. Her so-called friends reject her because she isn't perfect anymore, so she joins a band with some new friends who accept her for who she is.

Read our interview to find out more . . .

Q: What do you love about your character in How to Rock?
Cymphonique: What I love about Kacey Simon is that she’s an example for me that people can change. She’s strong and she’s passionate and she loves music, so I get to do music throughout the entire show. But what you’ll see in the first season is that she’s not perfect at all, her struggles. She’s used to being the boss, used to being solo, and during that period of time, she learns teamwork and friendship.


Q: Are you bossy? Do you like to run things?
Cymphonique: Oh no, not at all, but what I love about playing her is the message that she gives off and that she’s also really fun. We get to do crazy things like I swim in a pool of mac and cheese. I'd have never gotten to do that so I can check that off the bucket list. I got to sing in mid-air, I was on a wire. Luckily I didn't have to be up there for too long.

Q: Has your brother Romeo given you any advice?
Cymphonique: Yes, he has given me advice. He’s always just telling me, "Stay true to who you are no matter what. Never get into the business for fame or money because you will never be happy that way. You’ve got to work hard."

Q: How do you juggle work and school?
Cymphonique: Before we even start rehearsal or start filming, I always have to do some school first. I usually do five hours of school each day. We space it out and I'll usually do three hours before we even start rehearsal. I'm in 11th grade. I'm 15.

Q: Plan to go to college?
Cymphonique: Oh yes, definitely. Romeo's my inspiration because he's in the business and he also is still going to college.

Q: You kept your name secret when you auditioned. Is it important to make it on your own and not ride the coattails of your famous family?
Cymphonique: Yes, some people think it might be easier, but I actually think it's harder because you have something to prove. I think it keeps me working hard; it's a good motivation.

Q: Musical influences?
Cymphonique: I love Mariah Carey, Jennifer Holliday, Michael Jackson, Minnie Riperton, I think she's amazing. Tina Turner.

Q: Your first release will be a How to Rock cast record, but are you working on a solo album? Cymphonique: Yeah definitely. After the soundtrack comes out, I'll be working on my own record. I actually co-wrote the How to Rock theme song "Only Be You."

Q: What do you think of show wardrobe? What's your own style?
Cymphonique: Kacey's style differs a little bit from my own personal style because she's a little more girly; she loves to wear skirts. My favorite part, hey always have really great shoes. She wears a lot of Doc Martens, and I love Doc Martens. I love doing my hair all wild. Sometimes I go pin straight, and sometimes I’ll go all natural and curly. I have fun with the curls when I go natural because my hair has a mind of its own.

Q: What do you do for diet and exercise?
Cymphonique: Sometimes it can be challenging to stay away from the candy, so I enjoy nature's candy, fruit. I love fruit. I have to avoid the donuts because they have them on set every day. I'm like. "You’re taunting me." Also instead of ice cream we got them to have frozen yogurt there now. Sometimes you don't have to give it up; just compromise. For fitness, I work out with my family a lot. We like to go running, and we get a little competitive with each other. We love to run the track.

Have you seen How to Rock? What did you think? Are you a fan? How does it compare to the book? Leave a Comment!

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 Interview by Gerri Miller

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  1. pinkchihuahua290

    I love this show. My favorite character is Kacie Simon. My favorite episode is when they chained the people to the table.

  2. jeffery

    cymphoniqe is awsome on how to rock she can sing dance and her friends are always doin stuff for her like when she made a music video i like her better when she is is on bet for music videos i just cant believe she met big time rush

  3. cheeryamber16

    i love the t.v show how to rock.it has inspired me to be a better person and its a cool t.v show. my favorite characters are stevie,kasey,molly,and zander

  4. aisha

    i love her i wich she was my sis and very pretty and have a great talent keep on going girl keep on and she rock my world now.LOVE ,PEACE !

  5. S.J.

    I love this show! They inspire me to show people that I AM ME DONT CHANGE ME! Because ALOT of people have tried to change me.

  6. areesha