January 30, 2012

Writing Prompt: Life-Changing Books

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Writingprompt_bookWrite On! Life-Changing Books

This week’s Write On! Writing Prompt is a deep one, so take some time to reflect and think. Splotter cnahk asks:

What are your stories of hope and inspiration? Why do you read? What are your Life-Changing Books?

 Hmm . . . that’s a tough one. I read because I love it. And that means so many things to me. Like, books take me to a different place. They teach me, entertain me, cheer me up, inspire me, challenge me, and make me smarter. Reading has always been a part of me, I guess! I love Middle Eastern-themed books that tell of different people’s struggles there. I also vividly remember To Kill a Mockingbird jolting my life when I was 12 years old.

What about you guys? Let cnahk and all of us know your deepest thoughts in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. hunter

    My awesome book I love to read is called “Animorphs series” where these kids meet an alien in the first book so they help him by touching a cube which gives them special powers that when they touch any animal and think about morphing they can turn into that creature and that is why I want to read all day and night until I literally make myself fall asleep!!!

  2. Rachel

    The book that changed my life was called “Hattie Big Sky”I am reading this book right now. The author is Kirby Larson.It is a really great and discriptive book!!I would really recommend this book.

  3. Tristian

    Books changed my life because it helped me on tests and undersanding charecters in the BONE seires and in other books that I read on my free time and at school. Books really helped me unterstand and help me visuallise whats going on and there really fun to read.

  4. Hope

    The Dear Dumb Diary is a funny book seris and its changed my life because its helps me feel like i had a diary of my own and it was like i was writing in it.the author is Jim Benton.

  5. sierra

    I read books because it makes me feel like im in my own world, like i ecscape all my troubles and i go to a fantsy land of my own. I also LOVE humor books, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid,and Captin Underpants, those are the books that helped me have such a good sense of humor. Those books really changed my life.

  6. Pierce

    One of my live changeing books is a that is very funny. I used to hate to read. But oncse i read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid I loved to read ever sincen.

  7. Austin

    I love to read the Driay of a Wmpy Kid sieres. They have changed my whole life by knowing that some times little brother or big brothers can be a bad time or will not leave you allowen at all. The author to my Book is Jeff Kinney.
    He might of had a brother.

  8. Taylor

    the book Dork dairies has changed my life because it taught me not to let mean people think that there all cool and not to let my dad come to my school.

  9. Courtney

    I love to read it is one of my favorite things to do my favorite books are Greonimo stilton books they are all very interesting and exciting my sister also really loves to read it is one of her favorite things too.

  10. kate

    hmm. life-changing stories for me are dewey the library cat and because of winn-dixie. i read because it’s like livig in a world with a happy ending and adventure. who said you can’t control your life? u can in a book.

  11. Tranaya

    i know this book does seem a litle crazy but it helped see the world of fanasty and really encoureged most of my writing that is the james and the giant peach

  12. Skyelark Moon

    This is an awesome question!
    For me, no matter how funny this sounds, but my life changing book was actually Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Basically what happened was I absolutely disliked reading. I thought it was terrible. One day, I decided to read Harry Potter because I saw a movie of it on TV. I had seen the first two movies, and in my library the Prizoner of Azkaban was behind the Goblet of Fire, so I checked it out. When I finally finished the book, I then read 5,6,7,2,3,1. Now? I LOVE reading, it is my whole life. Thanks to Harry Potter, I am now the person who I am today. :)
    -Skyelark Moon

  13. Annasophia

    Books that changed y life were a series called Mustang mountain. The character are very interesting. I like to compare the setting to where I used to live.

  14. pearpearthe14th

    Why do I read? Books take me to a different setting, place, time… Vicariously, I meet people–friends, even–and experience things I would otherwise never have had the oppurtunity to. A good book is like stepping into another world… And that world has the power to change my emotions–make me feel sad, happy, romantic, frusterated, angry, even. It can change the way I view the world, and the people in it. I can’t name a specific life-changing book at the moment, but I will say this: books have greatly enriched my life.

  15. Josue

    Arthur read because I enjoy his world’s creativity and neighborhood and it makes me wish real life places were like this too…I also wanted my life interesting and full of mystery like Arthur because the world is filled with so much adventure and fun

  16. Darkfairy35

    For me it would probably be Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Ye Mah, and book 2, Falling Leaves by Adeline Ye Mah. Because this story of her life made me realize how lucky I was and how that no matter what happens, there is always someone in a worse situation.
    WOW. I thought WAY WAY too much about that answer.
    *leaves to go watch her new awesome pet chickens!!!*

  17. Melissa

    I read because it makes me feel like somebody cares about what i like to do. When I read the perfect book It feels like somebody made it just for me. A life changing book I read was “Esperanza Rising” because it told me that there are other people out there that are suffering from loss of something.

  18. pegausathena1

    I read because I can escape the troubles of this world and join the hero through his/her struggles.I read books that have charactes that go through struggles like mine but also crazy out of this world ones. My life changing books would be Harry Potter because I learned about friends and what they should be and how to deal with freind and it brought me and a friend closer together.

  19. Hiphoph

    Hmmm…Life Changing books for me are true stories. Books that have changed my life include all of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and other stories, like Dewey: the Library Cat.

  20. Deniz

    I read because while Iwas reading I’m living.Inside a book I can see that I’m beeing the auxiliary character.I know that character will always be in my life and help me with the difficulties.My life changing books are Harry Potter series cause they showed me that nothing is not what it seems.