January 3, 2012

Winter Books Trivia Quiz

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Winter_130Good Reads for Winter Break!

The presents are opened, and cookies all gone. What to do now? Break open a good book! Can you guess the titles of these well-known books and/or series, perfect for a little wintertime reading?


  1. Whether it's the magical winter scenes at the castle, drinking butterbeer in Hogsmeade, or the presents (like a chess set with magically moving chess pieces), I think everybody wants a winter like in these books. Even scenes in the final book, camping out with winter coming and no food, are riveting.
  2. When a surprise blizzard hits, Greg and the Heffley family are trapped indoors. And just in time, as Greg is about to be nailed for vandalizing school property (of which he is completely . . . sort-of . . . innocent!). With no electricity, the family turns into crazy savages. Prepare to laugh during your winter break.
  3. This is probably Jack London’s most famous book, featuring Buck, a Saint Bernard Scotch-Shepherd dog as the main character. He is stolen from his comfortable life, and sold as a sled dog in Alaska. He learns how to survive the cold winter nights and brutal owners. When I read this book as a kid, I remember crying with all the scenes of animal cruelty, so this isn’t for the faint of heart! But like the harsh winters which fade into spring . . . there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!
  4. From the first time they step into this world with its dazzling white snow, and characters like the White Witch and Father Christmas, this classic by C.S. Lewis makes you feel like you’re actually there. I remember reading the whole series immediately one after the other!
  5. This trilogy of books follows Lyra through parallel universes with armored polar bears, experiments on kidnapped children, and lots of unsettling winter images in the frozen Arctic. A "not to be missed" action adventure series! 
  6. This autobiographical series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder later became a TV series. It’s about a young girl and her family in Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota in the late 1800s. From building their house from scratch, battling malaria, and working in harsh frontier winter conditions, the lives of these characters will keep you turning the pages as you gratefully sit by your cozy fireplace (or in my case, space heater!)
  7. This Newbery Honor book is narrated by a boy who tells stories of what it was like growing up on a farm in the winter in the 1930s. The whole family gathers in the "winter room" to sit and knit, eat dinner, and tell stories, while staring at the glowing fire burning in the distance. One story changed everybody’s life. Want to know more? Read the book!

Check your answers here, and tell us which books YOU will be reading this winter!

– Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Bethany

    1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
    4. The Chronicles of Narnia
    6. Growing up/ Living on the Prairie
    7. Dear Mr Henshaw?

  2. phoenixwitch14

    1.Harry Potter series
    2.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
    3.Call Of Them Wild
    4.Chronicles Of Narnia
    5.The Golden Compass
    6.Little House On The Prarie
    7.The Winter Room

  3. beebreeze11

    1.should be diary of a wimpy kid…they all run out in my school library and i never get one,at least we have some in the classroom library…its a really popular series even its movies are great!

  4. Shadow Princess

    okay here goes
    1. Harry Potter
    2. Cabin Fever
    3. Call of the Wild
    4. The Lion, the Witch,and the Wardrobe
    5. The Golden Compass
    6. i dont know
    7. nope, not this one either

  5. aquachartreuse7

    1 harry potter
    2 cabin fever
    4 the lion the witch and the wardrobe
    5 ????????
    6 little house series… i am near crying theses books are ones i read during the best year of my life i even visited an actual little house ( execpt for harry potter that was my kinder. year
    7the winter room