January 17, 2012

Trivia: Top Trends of 2011

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Now that 2011 is officially over, the results are in. We have the official stats for what was most popular during the last year. Can you guess the answers to this Trivia Quiz on the top trends of 2011?

  1. According to iTunes, what was the most downloaded song of 2011? Hint: Sung by British singer, Adele.
  2. What top-grossing movie for kids featured the final installment of J.K. Rowling's book?
  3. What was the most watched cable cartoon episode of 2011? Hint: it was a special Disney movie starring two inventive brothers, and a sister determined to bust them.
  4. This strange singing creature by Fisher Price received the 2011 "Toy of the Year Award."
  5. Top-selling children's chapter book of 2011? Hint: it was written by Rick Riordan!
  6. Top children’s book series of 2011? Hint: Katniss
  7. Top baby boy name of 2011?
  8. Top baby girl name of 2011?
  9. Most downloaded app of 2011 featuring cute but ANGRY feathered friends?

Leave your best guesses in the Comments, and then check your answers!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. adventureelf3

    1 rolling in the deep
    2 deathly hallows
    3 phineas and ferb
    5 son of neptune
    6 hunger games ( totally obessed with it!!!!!)
    7 jacob
    8 isebella
    9 angry birds

  2. rossana

    1.set fire to the rain 2.harry potter and the deathly hallows 3.phineas and ferb 4.sing a ma jigs 5.lost hero 6.the hunger games 7.andrew 8.isabella 9.angry birds

  3. gamespecialist5

    1. Rolling in the Deep
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    3. Phineas and Ferb
    4. Sing-a-ma-jigs
    5. The Lost Hero
    6. The Hunger Games
    7. Liam
    8. Charlotte
    9. Angry Birds

  4. Benihanayum

    1. Rolling in the Deep
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2
    3. Phineas and Ferb
    4. Sing a ma jigs
    5. The Son of Neptune
    6. The Hunger Games
    7. Jack?
    8. Katie?
    9. Angry Birds
    Please go to my profile and friend me! Thnx!

  5. redwolf31

    1. Someone Like You
    5. The Lost Hero
    6. The Hunger Games(!)
    9. Angry Birds (next is probably Temple Run)

  6. super susi

    1.Rolling in the deep
    2.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    3.Phineas and Ferb
    5.Percy Jackson
    7.No clue. Um…Mark?
    8.no clue…Lucy?
    9.Angry Birds!!

  7. SARAH

    1.) Rolling in the deep.
    2.) Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows part3!!!!!!
    3.) Phieneas and Ferb part 3 (P.S.- it was awesome!!!)
    4. ??? ELMO????
    5. The Lost Hero or Son of Neptune? (P.S.- I LUV PERCY JACKSON BOOKS!!!)
    6. ?????
    7. My brother knows but can’t talk now.*HA!!!!!!ha!!!!*
    8. Isabella ( saw it on news)
    9. EASY! (LUV THEM!! AND THIS BLOG!!!) Angry Birds!!!!!
    p.s.- i’ll comment later for #7 when i find the anwser.

  8. whatmickey12

    1.Rolling In The Deep
    2.Harry And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
    3.Phineas And Ferb Across The 2nd Dimesion
    5.Herps Of Olmpios: The Son Of Neptune
    6.The Hunger Games (I know this because it`s called Nook book sample for me ONLY! ):< )
    7. Aiden
    9.Angry Birds!!

  9. Hiphoph

    1. Rollng in the Deep? I thought maybe Someone Like You, but Rolling in the Deep was on a video countdown.
    2.Deathly Hallows 2
    3.Phineas and Ferb: second dimension. (I don’t know if spelled right!)
    4. I know this one, but I don’t know the name of it!
    5. Some Percy Jackson
    6. Hunger Games!
    9. Angry Birds!
    Also, when are the Stacks coming back?

  10. Citlali

    1. Rolling in the Deep!!
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(Part 2)!!
    3. Phineas and Ferb!
    6. The Hunger Games!!
    9. Angry Birds!

  11. Caitlyn

    1.rolling in the deep
    2.Harry potter and the deathly hallows
    3.phineas and ferb
    4.percy jackson
    5.the lost hero
    6.the hunger games
    9.angry birds

  12. Tristan

    rolling in the deep
    harry potter and the deathly hallows part two
    Phineas and Ferb
    sing a majigs
    the son of neptune
    hunger games
    angry birds