January 10, 2012

New Year’s Would You Rather

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WouldYouRatherHappy New Year, Ink Splotters! I'm so excited it's 2012, and I'm really looking forward to the new year. Every year is like a blank book and you have the opportunity to fill it with stories and adventures. To help with some ideas, this week's Trivia Tuesday is a New Year's Would You Rather with questions about future hopes and plans in 2012. So, would you rather. . .

  1. Be trapped in an igloo OR trapped in a really hot place
  2. Receive a Valentine from your crush OR Receive a Valentine from a secret admirer
  3. Get caught in an April shower OR pick May flowers
  4. Go swimming in a pool OR go swimming in an ocean
  5. Eat 10 hotdogs on the 4th of July OR eat 10 hamburgers
  6. Go on summer vacation to somewhere warm OR travel to somewhere cold
  7. Play in a pile of leaves OR play in the snow
  8. Dress as a ghost for Halloween OR see a ghost
  9. Cook a turkey yourself on Thanksgiving OR have Slappy cook your turkey
  10. Give 100 Christmas presents OR receive 100 terrible Christmas presents

 Post your answers in the Comments below, and also let us know what you would most like to do in the coming year!

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  1. artemisbookworm12

    1.Everyone can fly
    2.Everyone can do magic
    3.It snows marshmallows
    4.Dogs can talk human language
    5.Farts smell like chocolate
    6.You can go back in time
    7.There is no such thing as books
    8.Every family must have only 2 kids in it
    9.The only colors are black and white
    10.Reading a book makes the characters come to life

  2. arrowmelon6

    3.April shower
    8.dress up
    9.cook on my own
    10.recieve 100 presents

  3. sprinklespuffin3

    1.Trapped in a hot place
    3.April showers
    8.Dress as a Ghost
    9.Cook Turkey
    10.Get 100 Presents

  4. witchunicorn5

    2.Secret admirer(dnt have a crush but my ex-crush likes me,LOL)
    3.April shower,Singing ‘UMBRELLA’ by Rhinna.
    5.Hamburgers(nvr ate one,i live in bangladesh.)
    6.somewher cold!!!!!
    7.play in a pile of leaves(nvr saw snow,same reason)
    8.see a ghost!!!(can i shake hands with it?)
    10.give,but i wud luv to recieve but if they r that terrible…
    So long!im out!

  5. julia

    2.no and no
    3.April shower
    5.Hot dogs
    6.Somewhere warm
    7.See a ghost
    8.Cook a turkey myself
    9.Give 100 christmas presents

  6. 99halle

    1.trapped in a really hot place
    2.Receive a Valentine from a secret admirer
    3.pick May flowers
    4.Go swimming in a pool
    5.eat 10 hamburgers
    6.Go on summer vacation to somewhere warm
    7. Play in a pile of leaves
    8.see a ghost
    9.Cook a turkey yourself on Thanksgiving
    10. receive 100 terrible Christmas presents
    lose fake friends is my goal this year, that and get a boyfriend

  7. dolphincake47

    1.igloo 2.my crush 3.pick may flowers 4.pool 5.10 hamburgers 6.vacation 7.snow 8.see a gost 9.cook my own 10.100 presents

  8. Squidly

    1)Hot place
    3)Flowers there prettyful
    4)Pool theres no sharks
    5)10 hotdogs thery are smaller
    6)Warm hello
    7)Snow leaves aren’t fun
    8)See a ghost i can be a ghost anytime
    9)Myself i don’t trust slappy
    10)Give 100 if i got 100 bad presents i will give them away anyway
    P.S. i like pie

  9. Purplepanda522

    1.Trapped in an igloo
    2. Receive a valentine from your crush!!!!!( i won’t mention any names)
    3. get caught in an April shower
    4.Go swimming in the ocean.
    5. Yuck i hate both:(
    6. Travel somewhere warm(especially in the winter, i live up north!)
    7.Play in the leaves. Snow ruined my favorite holiday(Holloween):(!!!)
    8. see a ghost because i love them!!
    9.Cook a turkey myself.
    10. Give 100 christmas presents. I wouldn’t won’t bad ones anyway so why not make others happy?