January 10, 2012

New Year’s Would You Rather

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WouldYouRatherHappy New Year, Ink Splotters! I'm so excited it's 2012, and I'm really looking forward to the new year. Every year is like a blank book and you have the opportunity to fill it with stories and adventures. To help with some ideas, this week's Trivia Tuesday is a New Year's Would You Rather with questions about future hopes and plans in 2012. So, would you rather. . .

  1. Be trapped in an igloo OR trapped in a really hot place
  2. Receive a Valentine from your crush OR Receive a Valentine from a secret admirer
  3. Get caught in an April shower OR pick May flowers
  4. Go swimming in a pool OR go swimming in an ocean
  5. Eat 10 hotdogs on the 4th of July OR eat 10 hamburgers
  6. Go on summer vacation to somewhere warm OR travel to somewhere cold
  7. Play in a pile of leaves OR play in the snow
  8. Dress as a ghost for Halloween OR see a ghost
  9. Cook a turkey yourself on Thanksgiving OR have Slappy cook your turkey
  10. Give 100 Christmas presents OR receive 100 terrible Christmas presents

 Post your answers in the Comments below, and also let us know what you would most like to do in the coming year!

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  1. isiself5

    1. trapped in an igloo
    2. valentine from secret admirer
    3. pick May flowers
    4. swim in the ocean
    5. eat 10 hamburgers (with cheese)
    6. travel somewhere warm
    7. play in the snow
    8. see a ghost
    9. have Slappy -whoever that is- cook my turkey, i don’t like touching raw meat
    10. give 100 Christmas presents

  2. bluepurple136

    2,secret admiier
    3.may flowers
    5.10 hotdoges
    6.somware hot
    8.see ghost
    10.give 100

  3. pinkpuppy253

    3.April shower
    5.10 hamburgers
    8.see a ghost
    9.cooka turkey on thanksgiving
    10.give 100 presents

  4. orangelion7

    2.from my crush
    3.april shower
    4.swim in the ocean
    5.eat 10 hot dogs
    6.go somewhere warm
    7.play in the snow
    8.see a ghost
    9.cook a turkey yourself
    10.give 100 presents

  5. purpleemerald28

    1:really hot place
    3:april showers
    5:10 hot dogs
    8:see a ghost
    10:give 100 christmas presents

  6. bluepurple136

    1. igloo.
    2. crush.
    3. may flowers.
    4. pool.
    5. 10 hotdogs.
    6. warm.
    7. snow.
    8. dress.
    9. myself.
    10. give.

  7. Kaylii

    1) Igloo:)
    2)Secret admirier!!:)
    3) Play in April Showers!!
    4)Swim in a pool!! (Sand, Itchy!)
    5)Hamburgers!! Whoop!
    6)Travel somewhere cold. :)
    7)Leaves!! (My birthday!!)
    8)See a ghost!
    9)Cook my own. I can cook!

  8. purplegoat9

    1.really hot place
    3.pick may flowers
    5.10 hotdogs
    6.some where warm
    7.in the snow
    8.see a ghost
    9.cook it myself

  9. pinkbasketball81

    3-pick may flowers
    5-10 hot dogs
    6-summer vactaion
    8-see a ghost

  10. orangelion7

    3)may flowers
    5)10 hamburgers
    6)somewhere warm
    8)see a ghost
    9)cookturkey myself
    10)give 100 presents

  11. hunting game6

    1 go to a hot place
    2 recieve from a crush
    3pick a may flower
    4 swim in a pool
    5 eat 10 hot dogs
    6 go some where warm
    7 play in snow
    8 see a gost
    9 cook turkey your self
    10 give 100 christmas presents

  12. huntingarrow1

    1. igloo
    2. from crush
    3. april shower
    4. ocean
    5. hamburgers
    6. some were cold
    7. snow
    8. see a ghost
    9. cook it your self
    10. recieve 100 terible gifts

  13. gorillastorm1

    1.hot place
    3.april showers
    5.hot dogs
    8.see a ghost
    9.cook a turkey
    10.give 100

  14. icecreamposeidon3

    1. Hm Igloo probably, it really depends on how long I’m trapped
    2. My crush duh! That would be amazing, I mean a secret admirer could end up being a guy I hate.
    3. Rain! I love playing in the rain!
    4. In a pool! I really enjoy the ocean but it has salt water and can be too cold!
    5. Eat ten hamburgers, I hate hot dogs! In fact I have a whole story about that.
    6.I really don’t know probably somewhere warm in the summer. Like a theme park!
    7. I guess the snow since I barley ever get snow where I live but I do love fall leaves!
    8. See a ghost! It could be a nice ghost that would be uber interesting!
    9. I guess I’d have to cook myself because I have no clue who Slappy is.
    10. Give a hundred gifts! I love it when you give someone a gift and you can see the joy in their eyes!

  15. emeraldmonkey30

    trapped in an igloo
    valentine from my crush
    caught in april showers
    swim in an ocean
    10 hamburgers
    warm(who wants winter year round)
    pile of leaves
    see a ghost!!!!!!!
    cook a turkey

  16. demising02

    be traped in a warm place
    cant decide
    may flowers
    swiming pool eat ten hotdogs i dont really like hamburgers
    travrl to somwhere warm
    play in the snow
    dress as a so called ghost i dont beleive in ghost.
    cook a turkey myself really easy.
    both ill give and take in .

  17. h123

    1.Be trapped in an igloo
    2.Receive a Valentine from secret admirer
    3.Pick May Flowers
    4.Swimming in a pool
    5.Eat 10 hamburgers
    6.Warm place for summer vacation
    7.Play in the snow
    8.Dress as a ghost
    9.cook a turkey myself
    10.Give 100 presents
    That’s my year’s would you rather… :)

  18. DarkGriffin8

    1) I would rather be trapped in a really hot place.
    2) I would rather receive a Valentine from my crush:P
    3) May flowers.
    4) Pool
    5) Yo hamburgers! Where art thou? Can I eat you now?
    6) Travel to a warm place, b/c I spent 10 months in Taiwan & it was really cold…lol…
    7) SNOW=EPIC! LEAVES=LAME (no offense to leaf-lovers intended. And Leafpool from Warriors=epic too)
    8) Dress as a ghost.
    9) Have Slappy cook a turkey! I haven’t really read the Goosebumps series, but I still think it’d be funny to have him cook a turkey. It might be poisoned though… :<
    10) Give 100 presents b/c giving is better than receiving (so the quote goes…:P)
    Thanks for the Qs!

  19. purplenebula1

    1.Live in an igloo I love cold places.
    2.Valentine from crush who is a celeb.
    3.April shower I love rain.
    4.Swimming in a pool love to jump in.
    5.Eat 10 hamburgers they are so good.
    6.Vacation in a hot place then I can go swimming.
    7.Play in the snow I love sledding.
    8.Dress up as a ghost on Halloween then i get candy.
    9.Cook a turkey myself I love to cook.
    10.Give 100 presents maybe more. :)