January 16, 2012

Book Character Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_charactergiftsWrite On! Character to Life

This week’s Write On! Writing Prompt comes to us from Late Night Reader (love your Screen Name!) who asks:

Out of all the books you have read, which one book character would you transport into the real world and why? What is it that makes this one character stand out? Why would you two “click?”

That’s a tough one. So many characters, so little time! Who would you pick? Let Late Night Reader and all of us know in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. AthenaAuthor22

    Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Since the first time I read about him in the series, I had always liked his humor and attitude.

  2. bookwormgirl45

    I would like to bring a lot many characters i just cant choose theres annabeth from pj and hermione from hp and arya from eragon and zia and sadie from kane chronicles and athena from goddess girls and sabrina and daphne from sisters grimm and i guess id like to bring meggie from inheart and then go into the book with her. sorry about the long list but i just cant choose i love all of them.

  3. werewolfcat5

    I would want to transport….who should I transport? I have a lot of characters I would want to transport.

  4. Sadie

    Oh, or Annabeth, from Percy Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wait, don’t screen me! I know I’m overposting, but I can’t help it!!! It’s all worth it!

  5. ella

    i would choose jacob black from twilight breaking dawn part 1 scine bella chose edward i thougt that jacob was really lonely i feel bad for him so mabe he could find a new love but in my opinion i wished that bella fell in love with jacob ;)

  6. MidnightDreamer

    Luna Lovegood or Piper Mclean. Why? Because I could relate to and be best friends with either of them. Or both….. ;)

  7. AthenaArtemis1

    hmmmmmmmm…………. I’d really have to think about that…………..
    well….. either captain Holly Short from Artemis Fowl, or Princess Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I can’t decide, they’re both so smart, confident, courages, and not going to let any man get in their way.

  8. Ley56

    I would chose Elfangor. My sister would chose Jacob or Siris black. Dobby or Harry Potter. Jacob is cute. Harry is cutr. Siris because for an older guy he’s cute. Dobby well because he’s awesome. Oh and Bella. I chose Elfangor because for an Andalite he’s cute. LOL wait I’m twelve. I have some issues. :8) grrr they need a blushy thingy!

  9. PurpleArtemis25

    I would either bring Annabeth, because , like me, she is her own person,is smart and knows how to take care of herself, or maybe …uh….( I’m having a blank! lol ) Tyson, because he’s so sweet! Or maybe Dapanga, a character from the novel I’m writing. She’s a funny,tough and kinda random girl ( Juste comme moi! ) …So, uh, yeah.

  10. kate

    woah, maybe annabeth from the p.j. series, maybe thalia from p.j., maybe Rachel from p.j., maybe rachel from “lost on brier island” maybe ruthie from the sixty-eight rooms,maybe more…