January 16, 2012

Book Character Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_charactergiftsWrite On! Character to Life

This week’s Write On! Writing Prompt comes to us from Late Night Reader (love your Screen Name!) who asks:

Out of all the books you have read, which one book character would you transport into the real world and why? What is it that makes this one character stand out? Why would you two “click?”

That’s a tough one. So many characters, so little time! Who would you pick? Let Late Night Reader and all of us know in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. proudphoenix9

    I would definatly bring Percy Jackson out of his book Hands down! Why, because he is a great hero! people could use one of those these days! He is a grat friend to all and a strong leader. Anyone seen Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief? It was a great movie.

  2. Bianca

    Jacob Black from The Twilight Saga because he is caring and he would never give up on Bella and even though she got married and had a kid with Edward he still LOVES her

  3. icecreamposeidon3

    I would probably bring Ron Weasley form Harry Potter. He is really funny and brave. And he has a bunch of good stories. Plus, he can do magic so that’s awesome. We’d click because we have the same sense of humor and I know a bunch about the Harry Potter world so we could talk about that. I wish I could bring like 7 characters to life. :(

  4. redwolf31

    Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series because I love her courage, kindness, and her intelligence. I think that we would get along.

  5. pearpearthe14th

    I would transport Jayfeather from Warriors. He’s my all time favorite Warrior–or rather, medicine cat I guess. Anyway, wouldn’t it be cool if lived in this world? He could stay with my other cats. :)

  6. justaprincess

    I would transport Mia Winchell, from A Mango Shaped Space. She sees the world in a different and unique way. She is comfortable in her own skin, and accepts herself as an individual. I think she would be a good influence, and that it would be quite interesting to spend the day with someone for whom numbers, letters, and sounds have colours.

  7. Molly

    Well for me I would have to pick Katniss from the Hunger Games, because she is more of an outsider and I am too. I feel more like Katniss then anyone else I have read. And I understand where she is coming from a lot. So thats why I would pick Katniss.

  8. Foreverelephant

    Someone from HP… maybe Hermione? She’s really smart, she could teach me magic, ha ha.

  9. athenasky5

    I would bring The Big friendly Giant to life.Well I would bring him to life because I’m a Roald Dahl fan.I like his books a lot . But no offense I just don’t like science fiction books (sorry science fiction fans and writers.:D)The Big friendly Giant stands out in the book The BFG because he’s the only non-child eating giant in the book.But I don’t know why we would click I had it a second ago.Oh I remember lol. We would click because I actually wanted to write a second book about the Bfg and well his life as a giant i guess.

  10. kyjk

    Either Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter or Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus. I would chose Luna because she is really funny, and I would like to see her Gurdy Root earings. I would like to see Annabeth because she is so much like myself,and she is just awesome!

  11. dancingjalepeno

    I would transport Fred Weasley! Why? Because he is the awesomest HP character EVER!!!!! He is super fun, makes the best jokes, and is brave! We would click because I enjoy a lot of his jokes in the book, and I would probably flip out if he DIDN’T like me. But, to be fair, here are some others that I would transport: Astrid, Sirius, Rue, Prim, Violet, George, Annabeth, and soooo many more….

  12. Puppypops

    I would like to bring the Harry Potter characters.
    Oh wait! You are supposed to bring only 1 of them.This is really difficult…………

  13. Alexis

    That’s a tough one. I would probably send Athena from the “Goddess Girls” series because I would want her to see how her inventions have improved “Mortal” life.

  14. griffinminotaur2

    captin underpants because wat he dose is funny and wat makes him stand out is that he wares underware and to me he is a SUPER HERO!!!!!!!!