December 26, 2011

Writing Prompt: A Perfect Day

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Writingprompt_genericToday's Writing Prompt comes from eighth-grader Sophia Shi, who won a Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her Personal Essay. Here is a small sample of her award-winning writing:

I want a day. A day to myself. A day with no chaos, errands or planning; a day with no one yelling at me, insulting me, broadcasting my inferiority to the world. Sometimes I want to drop everything . . . I want to forget what assignments I have due tomorrow or what I have to organize or who I have to face . . . I just want to sit on my bed or a sunny hill or a vacant park swing and think about nothing at all.
—from Optical Illusions by Sophia Shi, Grade 8. Silver Medal, Personal Essay/Memoir.

So for today's Writing Prompt, think about your perfect day. What would you do? What would you NOT do? Where would you be? What would you see, hear, taste, smell, and how would you feel? Write your answer in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Kary

    My perfect day would be playing in an open field with my best friends and my boyfriend and then go swimming and have a picnic and many other things.

  2. Queenbelle56

    My perfect day would be…..
    Me and my boyfriend sitting under an apple tree in an orchard and getting to do horse back riding

  3. lauren

    My day would be to spend all my money in Hawii, with my boyfriend at the beach, eating ice cream all day with no siblings around! lol.

  4. Mollyb

    my idea of a perfect day would be to have my own bedroom and have a perfect QUIET bed room with all my fave decorations in it!!!
    IT WOULD TOTALLY ROCK if that could happen. But i wanna keep my old stuff.
    and sometimes i actually like the loudness!!!!!:):)

  5. Isabella

    My idea of a perfect day would be always
    having to not have to worry about school
    and playing with my friends, having sleep
    overs , having my own bedroom and sitting
    right on my bed , watching a movie on
    a flatscreen TV on a cold , winters’ day
    drinking hot cocoa and having a big plate
    of cookies. Also having all the coolest
    items in the stores in my bedroom and
    I would feel as light as a feather , feeling great, having not a single thing to worry about. Now if that happened , WOULDN’T
    THAT Be Nice? :> :)

  6. oOKianaOo

    My perfect day is being in Hawaii, boogyboarding with my friends and family, with happiness and peace everyday. I would not want another insult or cry in the world for the rest of the day. I can see the waves crashing onto the beach, hear the laughter of my friends and family surfing the waves, taste fresh food from the barbecue and warm pastries from the oven, all thanks to my mom and dad. I would smell the salty waves and the barbecued steak all together to make a nice fresh smell. I would feel perfect, without any worries and sullen feelings. I would feel happy and have fun with every amazing moment taking flight.

  7. rickriordanfan

    My perfect day would be a whole day and night with my best buds. I’d meet all my STACKS besties. I wouldn’t feel like i wasn’t good enough. I’d be secure about myself. I’d come up with great new songs. I’d make people laugh. I’d drink a TON of caffeine and get all hyper(: No one would yell at me or tell me I wasn’t good enough. I’d feel accepted. I’d feel safe. I could go swimming and be in shorts and tank tops again. And I’d finally meet someone who would treat me right. I wouldn’t have to worry about school or grades. I could be genuinely happy. Everyone would love eachother the way they were meant to. Everyone could be happy.

  8. James

    My day will be without school. A perfect, balmy day without homework, pop quizzes and everything. I would eat pizza for every meal in lunch and dinner. I like to go to fun places such as the movie theater.

  9. TheAvidReader

    My perfect day would be a day with nothing to worry about. I don’t want to think about the past or future, only now.

  10. PurpleArtemis25

    My perfect day would be a breezy summer day. I’d have no school or school the next day to worry about. I’d go to an awesome amusement park, with my BFFs and a really funny guy in my class. We’d be laughing all day with him there!!! XP ) and my crush. I wouldn’t worry about what anyone would think and I’d have a great day. At night, I’d stay and watch the fireworks with all my friends. That would be my perfect day!!

  11. Delia

    I don’t need a perfect day. Every day can be perfect if you try to make it so. With the worst luck in the world you could have the best day in the world. Put on a smile. Say a few kind words. That’s where it starts. It could be the tiniest thing, like a square of chocolate, but it’s what you make of it that counts. Who says all your favorite things would make a perfect day? Only a 50/50 chance.But with a smile or a friendly word, you can be sure that you will probably end up with the best day. :)

  12. Hiphoph

    My perfect day would start with going out for brekfast. Then seeing a play. After that do a acting/ dance workshop. Then it would be later and we would get dressed up and just go out. Anywhere. Go shopping, go to a laser game place, look at animals, do anything.

  13. Mysterygirl123

    My perfect day would NOT include studying or worrying about school and test grades and stuff like that. I would love a nice partly-cloudy day (I like cloudy days but I like clear nights.), I would be on a swing with a book and just read, and be listening to some music to. I would feel at peace,and have no one tell me what I need to do. Besides, when I have a book, and some music and I’m on some random swing, I can always end up day dreaming. Perfect! =P
    …that was long…xP