December 27, 2011

Winter Vacation Would You Rather

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WouldYouRatherLast week I posted some Holiday Gifts Would You Rather questions, and we got some awesome responses from you guys! To keep in the winter-y spirit, this week we’re going to do it again with Winter Vacation Would You Rather. So whether you could go to these places and do these things for real or not, let your brain do the traveling. And let us know, would you rather . . .

  1. Ski the Alps OR surf Hawaii?
  2. Be snowed in your school for the whole break, OR be caught at the mall wearing matching Santa sweaters with your mom?
  3. Get a stomach bug from eating moldy fruitcake OR 10 cavities from too many candy canes?
  4. Clean Santa’s elves’ bathroom OR brush his reindeers’ grimy, smelly teeth?
  5. Watch Sesame Street the whole break OR babysit 5 screaming toddlers instead of going to a New Year’s Eve party?
  6. Go to Disney World OR Hogwarts?
  7. Visit the Grinch in Whoville OR Santa at the North Pole?
  8. Sip hot chocolate at the lodge OR snowboard sick slopes?
  9. Be lost in a frozen tundra OR stranded on a desert island?
  10. Sleep in an igloo in Alaska OR bungalow in Tahiti?
  11. Go on a shopping spree in the Big Apple (New York City!) OR at the Apple store?

Leave your answers in the Comments below! And let us know your ultimate holiday vacation. Real or daydreams. Because in my opinion, sometimes you’ve gotta have big dreams!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. ghostblue21

    1. neither- I have terrible balance
    2. get caught in the mall wearing matching sweaters with my mom
    3. stomach bug from moldy fruitcake
    4. clean the bathroom
    5. watch Sesame Street the whole break (I <3 SESAME STREET!!!!!!)
    6. I cannot decide
    7. see the Grinch in Whoville
    8. drink hot chocolate @ the lodge
    9. get marooned on a desert island
    10. sleep in an igloo in Alaska
    11. APPLE STORE!!!!!!!!!
    Nice questions! I had to stop and think on most of them!! :D

  2. witchunicorn5

    Surf hawaii! Isnt it obivious?!
    Be cuaght at the mall! Even though, if I am snowe din my skul, I won’t be late wen the break ends!!!!!!!!
    None. I wud never eat nouldy fruitcake and I hate my teeth.
    Bathroom! Bathroom!
    Sesame Street. Never saw it.
    Disnew cuz I know dere is no hogwarts.but a girl can dream,u know.
    Santa. LAme. But better.
    Hot chocolate.yum.
    Desert. Duh-uh!!
    None.I live in Bangladesh not at NYC.


    1. surf in hawaii
    2. mall
    3. cake
    4. reindeer
    5. sesame
    6. hogwarts
    7. santa
    8. hot chocolate
    9. desert island
    10. bugalow
    11. big apple

  4. Redblack228

    be snowed in at school, stomach bug, toddlers, reindeers teeth, disney world,
    santa, hot coaco, desert,
    bungalow, applestore

  5. werewolfhydra4

    surf in hawii
    snowed in at school
    stomach bug
    brush the raindeers teeth
    5 screaming children
    desert island
    the big apple

  6. redbull276

    1. surf in hawaii
    2. be snowed for the whole break
    3. cavities from too many candy canes
    4. clean santas elfs bathroom
    5. watch sesame street the whole break
    6. go to disney world
    7.viset santa at the north pole
    8.snow board sick slopes lost in a frozen tundra
    10.bungalow in tahiti

  7. purplegoat9 hawii
    2.santa sweater with mom
    3.stomach bug
    4.elf bathroom
    5.sesame street
    6.disney world
    7.santa chocolate
    9.desert island
    10.igloo store

  8. orangelion7

    1)surf hawii
    2)santa sweater with mom
    3)stomach bug
    4)brush reindeer teeth
    5)sesame street
    6)disney world
    8)hot chocolate
    9)frozen tundra
    11)big apple (new york cities)

  9. huntingarrow1

    1 ski
    2 be snowed in
    3 stomach bug
    4 brush teeth
    5 sesame street
    6 disney
    7 grinch
    8 snow bord
    9 be lost
    10 sleep in igloo
    11 apple store

  10. kaleb

    1. ski the almps
    2. traped in a school
    3. stomic bug
    4. teeth
    5. babysit
    6. disney world
    7. grinch
    8. snowboird
    9. frozen tundrea
    10. igloo
    11. apple store