December 5, 2011

Nickname Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_penWrite On! Nicknames

This week's Write On! Writing Prompt comes to us from CrimsonCat5 who poses a great question:

If you could give yourself a new nickname, what would it be? Why?

Hmm. That’s tough. Maybe R-Mac. It would be the first initial of my first name, and part of my last name. I always thought doing that was kind of cool. And my friend and I once saw a Julia Styles movie (Save the Last Dance, rated PG-13) where there was a character named Snook. So for some reason, we both got silly and decided to call each other Snook.

What about you guys? Let us all know about your made-up nickname in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. pinkchihuahua207

    All my friends call me Bella. My bro started it, he used to call me Belle cause it means beauty, then he switched to Bella. and when my friends heard they started calling me that aslo…

  2. katie

    mine would be . . . KAY or CAT.cause i love the letter kay,cat cause. . . i like animals and . . . ya’ no what i really don’t NO!

  3. blacksheep1

    If I could have a nick name it would be,Twighlight because I sorta have a cool personality and trust me I’m the cool wierd personality!!!I’m hungy :D

  4. gladkitty1

    If I could have a nickname
    I guess…fuzzy chinchila because I’m warm and cute andI have the wierd but cool persinalty(I always make up cute anime monsters like:Tioko,Choktow,LuluPapa,and Peppercorn.)
    P.S. I’m always looking for a frind so I’ll be enthusiastic for 1!

  5. catchingopal3

    find something you like: a personality, a color, a shade, a creature and base it from there
    ex) Firefox

  6. onyx fairy

    i would like to be named Isla Silvercresent and nicknamed shadow princess! or Alpha (i know, u guys thnk im control obsessed but im not…..not THAT much…..maybe a teeeeeeny bit…)

  7. volleyballwerewolf1

    Mine would be K-Ro-Line because It’s a freaky way to pronounce my name, and the boys in my class have been calling me that for 4 years and I’m happy with the nickname.