December 29, 2011

Kid Power! New Year’s Resolutions

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MakeadifferenceKid Power! Kids can make a difference! Every Thursday on Ink Splot 26, we’ll show you a new idea for how YOU can make the world a better place.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to start brand new, to think of some goals and resolutions for how to be a better person. No one is perfect, and this is a great time to think about ways that you can improve in the coming year.

My New Year’s resolutions:

  • Set a better schedule for myself.
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Be a better friend and a better listener.
  • Change my closet and develop a better style.
  • Get good grades.
  • Travel to a new country.
  • Do more arts and crafts activities and more D.I.Y fashion activities.
  • Go to the gym more often, and live a healthier lifestyle. (No more soda or candy!)
  • Read interesting books.
  • Learn how to cook.

Your New Year’s resolutions and goals can be about anything, from saving more money so you can buy a really cool toy that you like, to making more friends, or to spending more time with your sibling. Start jotting down some goals. After you finish, keep the paper somewhere that you can see it constantly, like on your refrigerator or on a wall in your room. Give yourself credit for all your success, and check off the things on your list that you have completed as the time passes.

Leave a Comment with your New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year!

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  1. oceanbreaking1

    My New Years Resolutions is to
    -read more
    -study more
    -agreed with others, world isn’t ending!
    -be nice and my friends
    -read certain types of books How y’all have AWESOME resolutions

  2. greensoccer39

    Stand up for my friends when they a bullied
    Score a goal in soccer
    Be able to run faster
    Have better posture

  3. GHRS_98

    My resolutions are to keep up my straight A’s from last semester, be on the girl’s soccer team, stop biting my nails (it’s a bad habit), read The Fire by James Patterson, and like Twinktoes87 watch more NCIS (and hopefully Psych, once the new season comes!)

  4. firestar28

    My new year’s resloutions
    *Learn a new language
    *Turn in more homework on time
    *Walk my dog everyday
    *Write a novel
    That’s about it!

  5. earlyelf6

    Here we go(I’ll just give ya a few, I’ve got a list of 18 or so…
    1.excercise 4x per week healthy(get control of my sweet tooth) more responsible proactive
    5.get my schoolwork done more efficiently
    6.only listen to happy music
    7.spend more time(like once a day)reading the bible
    8.write more(as in finish my novel and get started on a new one.)
    9.write more poetry
    10.find more time to paint
    11. step out of my comfort zone
    12. build relationships at one person I don’t know every day
    15. accept myself
    whew! and I was only going to do a few!

  6. oOKianaOo

    My apologies for interrupting the moderators here, but this is the only way that I can reach you guys and talk to you.
    What happened to the message boards? I was trying to check or read my messages in my status bar and NOTHING showed up. I clicked on “Message Boards” and all I saw was a big caption that said, “This message board is closed.”
    I have one question. Will the boards be closed for good?