November 7, 2011

Writing Prompt: What’s in the Box Under Your Bed?

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Shoebox_130This week's Write On! Writing Prompt is a good one. It comes to us from GymnasticsPenguin1 who wrote:

You're cleaning your room when you notice something under your bed. It's a box that you've never seen before. What does it look like? What's in it? What kind of adventure does it take you on?

Totally creative! I love it. My box would take me on a roller coaster/spa day adventure. First I would jump into the box, and it would transport me to the most amazing amusement park (with no lines!) and I would ride thrilling, creative, 3-D roller coasters. Then I would be transported to a spa where I would get a fabulous aromatherapy massage and facial.

What about your box? Inquiring minds, like GymnasticsPenguin1 want to know! Drop a line in the Comments below.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. werewolfcat5

    The box will be made of wood and it’s a cube.When you open it,it sucks you in it and then it takes you to a quiet place where you can relax.Time will freeze in Earth so nobody will be looking for you.When you feel like you had enough time,you open the box again you’ll be sucked up again and go back to Earth.

  2. jayjay thirller monsters5


  3. lele

    mind would have have all this sercets in there tht no one would no about but me and when i jump in side it will take me to the place it happen to and who said it and why…..

  4. Kylie

    my box would be large and have pink and white polka dots i would pull it out open it and inside would be a egg …. the egg begins to shake and cracks out comes a baby monster a blue and green striped monster thing it grabs me and pulls me in inside is a wonderful world of candy!

  5. Shadow Princess

    Well, my box under my bed would be made out of wood so dark, it’s black and then it would be dusty (because of how long it’s been under there) it would have strange engraving on it like a majestic castle and a mysterious paw print. When I open it inside would be a letter to me, “Dear Shadow Princess, Welcome to the land of Lunaria, your kingdom. This is your father, King Lune (yes, this means your the princess), i send you this letter to tell you if your kingdom and hope one day you will return to me and your kingdom, your sister, Frozellia and I miss you most unbearably. Lunaria is a planet in the universe of Magix, which is a world of fey. I am the Moon fairy and your sister has the gift of Ice. You, my dear, have the power of Darkness, and when these powers unleash you shall find this box. I know you must be thinking that you already have parents but really they are your guardians who brought you to earth for your own safety. Inside this box you shall find a ring for you that your mother and I had hoped you would one day proudly wear. This is the beginning of your real life, Princess.” And then I tell my parents and they explain everything to me and then I look in the box and put on the ring and all of a sudden I’m am whisked to Lunaria!

  6. Ley56

    It would be the blue box from animorphs! (gasps from everyone)I would get the power and turn into random animals! And fight those yeerks and save Elfangor from being eaten! Yay happy dance (discos)

  7. Francesca

    My box would be a big wooden trunk with a golden clasp. It would creak open and all the ideas in the world would flow into my brain. Then there would be an endless notebook that I could write everything down in. After that,there would be a locket. Then,my old cats we thought had gotten eaten, Buster and Fergus, would step out. After the cats, there would be something saying that I had gotten the role of Marian in The Music Man. Lastly, there would be two letters. One would be a letter from Hogwarts saying I’m a witch and admitting me. The other would be a letter from my best friend living across the country saying that she was moving to my town and bringing all the people and places from her town with her.

  8. lightsong1

    The box would be red with a gold lid and inside would be a letter that says that Hagrid is coming to take me to Hogwarts next thursday :D

  9. magicalrainbow10

    My box would be purple with lots of blue flowers on it.When I opened it,there was a purple portal in it so I jumped in.It took me to a weird place that had jewels everywhere.The clouds were made of cotton candy and the snow was made of sugar.I got out of the box and called all of my friends and told them but they didn’t believe me.I told them to come over and I showed them the box.I opened the box and showed them the portal.I told them to jump in but they were too scared. “Fine. Then I’ll enjoy the snow by myself.” I said to them. Then my friends gave in.One by one,they jumped into the portal and they landed in a big pile of snow.”This is made of sugar!”,one of my friends said. “I know.”I said.Then it got too cold and we knocked on the door of the nearest house we could find. Somebody opened the door and let us in.We sat near the fireplace to get warm.We found out that the person who lived in the house was the richest person in the weird land in the box.He promised to get us anything we ever wanted if we could get him out because he had been trapped in that land for years.We showed him the exit and my friend asked for a private jet.We got it but we could only use it in the box.Everyday we kept going in the box to use it and it became one of our favorite places in the world.