November 16, 2011

The 39 Clues News

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39clues_transparent_130x130The latest 39 Clues news

For more about the books, and to start your training mission, go to

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  1. will

    I love the 39 clues. I just got a kings ransom at third place books the other day and I am soooooooo exited to start reading it. This is one of my favoret seres.

  2. artdrama35

    I love the 39 clues its my fav i cant what for the rapid fire e-books. I got a e-reader just because of that!!!!!

  3. bluebook61

    i really like the 39 clues. i can’t wait for the release of the kings ransom. and also to the release of the e-book series the rapid fire! i want to read it during the Christmas break. i’m sure my holidays would be so great!

  4. redwolf248

    AWESOME! But I hate how long it takes for books to come out. ESP. if they’re continuing it and you’ve already caught up.

  5. ambassedor and 3

    I love 39 clues! I have bought and read all of them and I cant wait for these new books to come out! hope you do too!

  6. soccermvp

    So kool! Cnt wt 2 read it!!!!! Read da 1st chlls vs vsprs bk n it wuz amazn!!! A kngs rnsm is on my wish list…..