November 4, 2011

Puss in Boots Answers YOUR Questions

Pussinboots2 If you have seen the Puss in Boots movie (rated PG) then you know that Puss can be a bad kitty, but we forgive him because he visited the STACKS to answer YOUR questions. Read on to find out about his boots, his favorite dance move, and working with Shrek.

Do you know who your real parents are?
Puss: Sadly, we were separated shortly after my birth, but rumor has it that my father was a hurricane and my mother a volcano. . .it makes sense to me.

Would you rather be called “adorable” or “enormously fluffy?”
Puss: I would prefer a new term. . . “adora-normous-fluff-able!!!”

What is the worst thing someone called you?
Puss: Dog.

Who is your worst enemy?
Puss: Puss in Boots has no enemies! But I do not care much for bath tubs.

Since you’re a criminal, what is one place you’ve always wanted to rob?
Puss: First of all, I am no criminal. . . I just like to borrow things sometimes, and have a tendency to never give them back.

What is your favorite food/drink BESIDES warm milk?
Puss: There is nothing like a warm bowl of Friskies on a cold rainy day.

How much whole milk can you drink?
Puss: How many cows roam the earth?

Do you like ice cream?
Puss: I like the cream. . . ice, not so much.

Do you have a favorite dance move?
Puss: A little jig I like to call. . .”The Forbidden Gato!”

What size are your boots? And what’s your favorite type of boot? Cowboy boots? Rain boots?
Puss: My favorite type of boot is located on my little feets at all times. They are comfortable for any occasion. And the size is purrrrrfect.

Do like the song, “These Boots Are Made for Walking?”
Puss: Do I like it? I live it!!

How does it feel to star in a movie about you? Is it better than working with Shrek?
Puss: The green ogre will always be my great friend, but I must admit a close-up on me is much more flattering, baby.

What was your reaction when you heard you were starring in a movie about yourself?
Puss: Meow?

Who do you like better, Shrek or Donkey?
Puss: I know whose bread needs buttering. . . give me the ogre, baby!

How did Shrek and Donkey mess up during filming? Were there any funny bloopers?
Puss: The burro is constantly falling down and forgetting his lines, and the Shrek is always burping and farting. Both of them incredibly unprofessional, but quite funny.

Puss, you’re amazing! But why are you so epic? Is it genetic?
Puss: What can I say? It is a Puss thing. . .

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Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

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  1. julia

    omg. I have an idea I post it and then no one even said anything about it Thanks a lot you guys just keep agnoring. It seems like thats what your best at. Once agian thanks>:(

  2. julia

    who thinks we should do a blog and justin bieber I know this is kind of awk to post on the puss and boots wall but who thinks we should? write me a comment right her on this wall. be truthful. If you think it’s a bad Idea tell me please!

  3. glamorouscat2

    do like girl cats or boy cats you should really meet my cat you adorable little cute puss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??love ya!

  4. alynna

    The amazing cat : Puss, he know’s how to party, dance, and talk to cat-friends. He is gentle on some and ugly on other. They present, PUSS . . . in boots.
    It is amazing how Puss got his own movie instead of Donkey.
    I love Puss. Puss is the amazing cat. On Tv they tried to find cat’s exactly like him, but of course it was impossible.
    Try your search to find a perfecto cat who drinks whole milk ( best if warm ) and know’s how to party.
    ~ Alynna, it was nice interviewing you. Have a NICE day. ( Successfully speaking).