October 10, 2011

Writing Prompt Double Feature

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Rainbow_pen Write On! Your Pick. This week we have a double feature for our Write On! Writing Prompt. Which means. . . pick one and write on! Or pick both.

Writing Prompt #1 comes from singingbookworm4:
What would you do if you were stuck on top of a tree?

Writing Prompt #2 comes from princessrec:
Focus on one object in the room for a minute, and then write as much as you can about it.

Both great prompts!
If I were stuck on top of a tree, I would probably scream. Loudly. And repeatedly. Then maybe look for a branch to scale down if it were safe. Then probably scream again.

As for princessrec’s prompt, I just happened to be staring at a Kleenex box on my end table, and this is what came to mind:
What a cute little Kleenex box you are. So little and blue. I like how extra soft you are. I’m glad I sprang for the extra 50 cents to get the extra soft version of you with aloe. You make it so nice and soft when I blow my nose. I wonder if I should move you to a more obscure location though. Will people think it’s tacky if I have a Kleenex box displayed on my living room end table when they come to visit? Hmm.

Ok, my minute is up! What about you guys? Pick a prompt and go for it. Or if you’re in a writing zone, do both. Leave your answers in the Comments below. Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. dizzyferret

    If I were stuck on top of a tree I would probably take a nap. I would then have a lovely concert with the birds, and afterwords we would have a light brunch of nuts and berries.Someone will then see me in the tree with my amazing bird friends get me down from the tree, and rich people would pay me lots of money to train exotic birds for them to buy. THE END!

  2. stuffedpickles

    well i was “stuck” on a tree this week (well, i was to scared to come down, even with a harness and rope attachedto me) and I kinda hyperventalated…. yeah I’m not good with hights.

  3. authorbrownie4

    My Bed:
    OMG you have the pretiest colors. You are pink and purple. And you have flowers all over! And dots! AWW my puppy is on my bed so cute! My bed is so huge! Im like 4’9 and Its still so big. MMM SOFT PILLOW! Well that’s my minute.

  4. awesomehermes1

    If I were stuck in a tree that would be awesome, first of all I love climbing trees and I like being up high. I would jump out of it. An object…My DSi Xl, I play Pokemon on it a lot. I have Pokemon White/Black,Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, Pokemon Silver/Gold!

  5. redwolf31

    I would try not to look down. Hopefully I wouldn’t be that high up and try to climb down. If I have a phone with me I would call my parents or sister. But if a friend was up with me I would talk with her until someone notices that we were on that tree for over an hour.

  6. Girlybeth

    If I was stuck on top of a tree I would enjoy the view of the city. Then I would enjoy being alone for the first time. Then I would imagine my world in my head. When I am ready I’ll call someone to get me down.
    Prompt 2: I am staring at my backpack. I can imagine all that homework I have to do right now. All those heavy books. The nice pattern on my backpack. That is my favorite backpack. It was love at first sight. Ha ha but I really love my backpack!

  7. Amanda B. 13

    Your so pretty, bright and colorful. You brighten my day with a single look, a single touch, a single smell. I love to watch you suck up the wind with you tiny pink pedals and long green stem. I wish you would never die. :)

  8. lemonlime15

    uhh, first hi I’m new and if I were stuck in a tree I would scream and try to make a ladder even though it would just break and drop me to my death

  9. craters2

    My young puppy. Sly and sneaky, but cute and adorable. His orange red hair lights me up with happiness as he wags his tail and licks my hand. Slurp slurp! I am super glad I have him. He would always bring me joy while I pet him. I love you puppy.

  10. coolchicken3

    Hmmm, the computer. You are very useful computer, you help me get onto the precious Stacks website. You are not very big but you information span is ENORMOUS!

  11. ninjadragon99

    Prompt One: If I were stuck up a tree, first I would forget about being scared so that, in my mind, I could transport myself to Araluen and become a Ranger for the day. I’d stay in that tree until someone came to look for me, then I would yell “Stop!” fire an imaginary arrow at something “behind” the person who was looking for me, then say “Okay, we’re good now.” and try to get down from the tree.
    Prompt Two: I am staring at my dance bag: Ah Dance Bag, how large you seem to have become over the years…many, many shoes reside inside you, and make it extremely hard to carry you around all day. Yet you are my favorite of all favorite bags. Pink decorates your black background, and makes you pretty.
    minuet’s up!
    I think those were some pretty amazingly awesome writing prompts!!!!!

  12. cooly 11

    Oh, glorious, turning heater. How I love you so. You keep me warm on freezing days where I solely go on the computer. I hog you up after I get out of the shower. I do not care that the top of you is broken. You are my one and only reason to live. Along with many other things.

  13. 44maplesyrup

    an object, let me see…hey wait, are those my shoes thrown over there?
    well, they’re blue converse low tops. wow, they’re extremely dirty. the rubber soles are no longer white but starting to resemble mud. yeah, maybe i shouldn’t have played soccer with them on that muddy grass…i’ve had you for a ling time, and you’ve been very useful,shoes. but maybe it’s time to get new ones. oh man, i got dirt all oer the floor. my mom better not see the mess you made,shoes,or i’m in big trouble!