October 25, 2011

Would You Rather. . . Halloween Style!

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Qmark_130Happy Halloween Spooky Splotters! We know you are big fans of Would You Rather. . . ?, so we thought we’d combine the two for some frightening fun. Ok, maybe not so frightening. . . but you get the idea!

Would you rather. . .

  1. Be trapped in a haunted house? OR run through a field full of zombies?
  2. Eat Pumpkin Pie? OR Halloween Candy?
  3. Have a bloody nose? OR ear wax buildup?
  4. Meet The Great Pumpkin? OR Grim Reaper?
  5. Be a Vampire? OR Werewolf?
  6. Be a character in Harry Potter? OR Poison Apple Series?
  7. Have a magic wand to cast spells? OR a crystal ball to see the future?
  8. Watch a scary movie? OR go through a REAL cemetery at night?
  9. Get 200 pieces of candy? OR $200?

Leave your answers in the Comments below. Happy Haunting!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Katie

    1.Haunted house I would rather keep my brains thank you.
    2.HALLOWEEN CANDY Bleh!! I hate pumpkin pie
    3. earwax build up
    4.GREAT PUMPKIN I love Charlie Brown
    5.Vampire I Zas come to zuck zour vlud
    6.HARRY POT HEAD!!!!!!!
    8. real cemetery there are NO scary movies
    9.200 Dollars then I would have 400 dollars.

  2. magicalrainbow10

    1. um…haunted house
    2. halloween candy! (duh)
    3. bloody nose
    4. the great pumpkin
    5. vampire
    6. harry potter!
    7. magic wand!!!!! :) :) :)
    8. scary movie
    9. $200 (i could use the money to buy candy)

  3. lolsomeheart1

    1. haunted house
    2. pumpkin pie
    3. bloody nose
    4. great pumpkin
    5. vampire
    6. harry potter
    7. magic wand
    8. scary movie
    9. $200!!

  4. taylor

    1.haunted house
    3.bloody nose
    4.grim reaper
    6.poisen apple
    7.magic wand 2 cast spells

  5. sn

    1.run through a field of zombies
    2.eat a pumkin pie
    3.have a bloody nose
    4.grim reaper
    5.be a vampire
    6.be a harry potter character
    7.have a magic wand
    8.walk through a ral cemetery

  6. ilaboy

    1.haunted house
    2.hallowenn candy
    3.bloody nose
    4.grim reaper
    6.harry potter character
    7.magic wand
    8.REAL cemetary

  7. Sami A.

    1.Zombies for sure(As long if I have a weapon).
    2.Halloween candy.
    3.Bloody nose.
    4.Grim Reaper.
    6.Definetly Harry P. character
    7.Magic wand to cast spells(Might as well cast a spell to get the crystal ball).
    8.Go through a real cemetary(I’ve done it before).

  8. ps

    haunted house
    halloween candy
    bloody nose
    great pupkin
    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!
    magic wand
    real cemetery
    $200 for the candy

  9. greensoccer39

    1.) I would rather run through a field of zombies.
    2.) I would much rather eat pumpkin pie.
    3.) I would rather have a bloody nose.
    4.)I’d rather get to meet the Great Pumpkin.
    5.) I would want to be a werewolf.
    6.) Duh, Harry Potter ROCKS!
    7.) I would want a wand.
    8.) scary movie
    9.) $200 to buy candy!

  10. dragondog82

    1.field of zombies[ Awesome!]
    2.Halloween candy
    3.bloody nose
    4.Grim reaper
    6.Harry Potter[Malfoy, no offense Gryfindor lovers]
    7.Wand [Expelliarmus!]
    8 Cemetery[I take risks]
    9. $200 of course!

  11. Dawn

    1. Zombies
    2. Pumpkin Pie!!!!
    3. Bloody nose
    4. Great Pumpkin!!! lolz
    5. Vampire
    6. Harry Potter
    7. Magic wand
    8. Scary movie
    9. $200

  12. phoenixvampire11

    1.Haunted house
    2.Halloween candy
    3.Bloody nose
    4.Great pumpkin(of course)
    5.Vampire(wish I could be both)
    6.Harry Potter
    7.Magic wand
    8.Scary movie

  13. Peter

    1. Considering zombies are so fragile that if one picks up a piece of paper it’s arm will fall off, I pick field of zombies.
    2.pumpkin pie
    3.bloody nose
    4.this is hard,because the great pumpkin would squish me, and the grim reaper would slash me. it’s less likely that the grim reaper would aim correctly,so I pick grim reaper.
    5.uh, I’ll pass.
    6.I don’t know what the poison apple series is,so I pick harry potter.
    7.a magic wand,because if I saw the future,well,I have a bad feeling about that.
    8.watch a scary movie,unless it’s gruesome.
    9.obviously $200!
    that was fun!

  14. darkpurple25

    In my opinion:
    Ghosts do not exist.
    Zombies do not exist.
    The Great Pumpkin does not exist.
    The Grim Reaper does not exist.
    Vampires do not exist.
    Werewolves do not exist.
    Harry Potter does not exist.
    In conclusion, magic does not exist.

  15. alywrites

    1. Be trapped in a haunted house
    2. Halloween Candy
    3. Have a bloody nose
    4. Meet The Great Pumpkin
    5. Be a Vampire
    6. Be a character in Harry Potter
    7. Have a magic wand to cast spells
    8. Watch a scary movie
    9. $200

  16. purplelavender39

    1.Haunted House
    2.Halloween Candy
    3.Bloody Nose
    4.Great Pumpkin
    6.Poison Apple Series
    7.Magic Wand
    8.Scary Movie

  17. cathingbrownie4

    1.trapped in a haunted house
    2. Halloween Candy
    3.Have a bloody nose
    4.Grim Reaper
    5.Be a Vampire
    6.Be a character in Harry Potter
    7.Have a magic wand to cast spells
    8.Watch a scary movie

  18. Delia

    Zombie field all the way!
    The candy
    Jus 2 b crazy, earwax!
    Werwolf all the way! :)
    Harry Potter
    Crystle Ball
    I’ve done both so BOTH!
    the money so I could buy more books :)

  19. catblack324

    1. Haunted House
    2. Halloween Candy
    3. Bloody Nose
    4. Great Pumpkin
    5. Vampire
    6. Poison Apple
    7. Magic wand 2 cast spells
    8. Both
    9. $200