October 26, 2011

R.L. Stine Answers Your Questions!


A few weeks ago we asked you to write in your questions for the Master of Fright, Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine. He answered questions from 10 lucky readers, so read on to see if yours was chosen!

Q from SilverSnake: Which character do you think is most like you? Which character is most unlike you?
R.L. Stine: I like to think I'm like all my crazy characters—Slappy the dummy, who's so rude and awful; Dr. Maniac; The Ooze; The Menace, the evil villain from HorrorLand. But in real life, I'm more like Evan, the poor kid who lets the Monster Blood loose and doesn't have a clue how to defeat it.

Q from Raggweed: Since Goosebumps creeps me out, how can you not be scared, and keep making them? They freak even my older relatives out, so are you afraid of your own creations too?
R.L. Stine: Scary stuff NEVER scares me. Horror always makes me laugh instead. When I go to a scary movie, I don’t get scared—I just laugh. Same for writing Goosebumps books.

Q from Mysterygirl123: If you could be a monster for a day, what monster would you choose? Why? R.L. Stine: I would be a giant jellyfish from Deep Trouble because I like to swim a lot.

Q from ArtAthena13: What would you say to a kid who wants to be an author?
R.L. Stine: Write something every day. Keep a journal or a diary. And make sure you read a LOT!

Q from cnahk: Do you ever want to write something less scary?
R.L. Stine: I love writing funny books, too. That's why I wrote the Rotten School book series. I also try to put a lot of funny stuff in Goosebumps.

Q from Niki: Who's your favorite character? Why?
R.L. Stine: Slappy the evil dummy. I like writing all the insults and rude things he says to people.

Q from AstronomyAble3: Who is your inspiration and icon?
R.L. Stine: Many writers have inspired me. I think the sci-fi author Ray Bradbury was a big influence. Also, Rod Serling, who wrote The Twilight Zone.

Q from Lexi: Are you a prankster with scaring people?
R.L. Stine: No. Maybe I scared my little brother a few times when we were kids. But I'm not really into pranks and jokes. Too busy writing!

Q from CheerfulHeart15: What's your favorite book of Goosebumps that you wrote? Were you good at telling ghost stories when you were young?
R.L. Stine: My favorite Goosebumps book is The Haunted Mask. I was too shy to tell ghost stories when I was a kid. I was a very quiet kid.

Q from OreoPie09: How do you come up with such creepy stuff and do you believe in ghosts?
R.L. Stine: I don’t know where the ideas come from. I've never seen a ghost—but I keep looking!

Q from Megan: Would you ever consider doing like a Nancy Drew type of book series for girls?
Q from Georgia: When you do your next book why not call it Zombieland?!
Q from NinjaCobra1: Why don't you make a Goosebumps book about a boy who likes scary movies, and finds out that all the monsters are coming to life?
Nice ideas. Thanks for the suggestions.
– R.L.

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  1. Sarah B

    If HorrorLand was a real place like an amusement park or
    Something would you ride all the rides? Which books do you like better goosebumps or fear street?

  2. I_❤_RLStines

    Hey I have read a lot of your books and I love them!
    I want to make a book just similar to yours. So I thought
    I could ask you for some advice?

  3. Wicket

    Dear R.L.Stine can you and scholastic make a fifth season of Goosebumps and more seasons in the future? I love the books and the show and it is a shame it ended, i wish there was more, also i heard night of the living dummy 1 was made into a episode and was to be released for a fifth season, but the show got cancelled and so it never aired is that true? I also heard that they never aired night of the living dummy 1 because it was too scary for children, is that rumor true? Also can you make Goosebumps movies based on the books for tv? Also i think it would be a good idea if there was a channell only airing Goosebumps, another question is Wally from the book Slappy nightmare Mr Wood? Also in the end of the book when Slappy wakes up and tells Jimmy he have a nightmare and Jimmy carries a package and tells Slappy sometimes dreams come true, is that Wally in the package? and if Wally is Mr Wood is that mean Mr Wood come back to life after night of the living dummy 1? and why Slappy doesn´t reconize him if he know who Mr Wood is?

  4. harry

    R.L. Stine can you ask Jack Black to make the Goosebumps movie based on the book night of the living dummy 1? Instead of the story of the movie being about him playing you and the characters of the stories he writes coming to life to haunt him? I think the movie would be better if it was based on the book night of the living dummy 1, the movie should be dark and scary and Mr Wood in that movie should be more terrifing than Slappy and i think it would be great if there was more Goosebumps movies on big screen after this one and all based on the books, i think the story of the movie been about Jack Black playing you and the characters of the stories he writes coming too life to haunt him is a bad idea, i don´t want the movie to be a kids comedy it will ruin goosebumps, i know Goosebumps is for kids but it was never a comedy, the dummys of Slappy and Mr Wood in the movie should be like they look like in the book, it would be even a better idea if you ask Jack Black to adapt night of the living dummy 1, 2 and 3 as one movie, please ask Jack Black to do that, i was a fan of the Goosebumps books and tv show in my teen years and i always will be, thanks for writing the Goosebumps books and making many fans happy.

  5. Nick

    I have lots of ideas
    Monster Cabinet- Two 9 year old boys move to a new house. They decide to play hide and go seak. One of them hides in a cabinet. He soon finds that he is trapped and that the cabinet is full of monsters.
    The Return of The Haunted Mask- Carly Beth finds her mask in her room and it tries to get revenge on her
    Dont Enter My Room- a 10 year old kid finds a warewolf in the forest and keeps it as a pet and hides it in his room and wont let anyone see it in his room

  6. Nick

    can you make a book where Slappy learns that there is another dummy that is more evil than him and he gets mad and wants to have a fight with him. And if you do can you call it Battle of the Living Dummies

  7. Treondous

    Which hair color did you like best for slappy the Dark brown hair from the books or the orange hair from the tv show?

  8. C

    I heard this new Goosebumps Most Wanted #2 Book is coming out next year.What year,mouth,and date does Son of Slappy come out?Because I’m DYING to read it!

  9. witchunicorn5

    TO awesomeguy,
    Goosebumps is not about blood.(no offense)
    Q:how does GOOSEBUMPS ever got published?? how can i get mine published?
    P.S.i may be a 10-year-old but i read more than 70 books and wrote many romantic,fiction,faery,not fairy but faery(people hu does magic frm Glamour)

    1. Sarah B

      It would be so cool if there was a Huanted house or something like that near Halloween and everything would be based on books it could be like the
      Haunted house in one of your books.

  10. horuscentaur4

    Goosebumps is simply awesome!!!! It always gives me the thrills and the chills! R L Stine excels himself. I am a big fan!!!!!!!

  11. Izzy

    im a good fan of R>L Stine I was wandering if i could be in a book
    A fan who has read almost the whole serise

  12. Anaya

    First of all I’m your biggest fan #1 I had to do a report on a famous person and I chose you!
    I was wondering if you could do a story on when a girl and her boy friend reads or talks about zombies, the zombies actually come and take over there city (small town). The sad part no one will believe them! Thank you! Please respond ASAP.