October 12, 2011

Hall of Horrors: Why I Quit Zombie School

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Zombie Great news for fans of R.L. Stine! Book #4 of his new series, Hall of Horrors, is out.

Why I Quit Zombie School
Matt was never a superstar in school, but he’s definitely the most energetic and quick-witted student here. But what’s up with the others? His suspicions are finally confirmed when Franny, his new friend, asks, “How long have you been dead?” To his horror, Matt realizes his parents have unknowingly enrolled him in a zombie school. When Matt overhears the zombie plans to march and claim the whole city for the undead, he has to make a frightening choice: protect himself and continue his charade, or reveal his aliveness and try to save the unsuspecting alive people in the town.

Here are the other books in the new series so far:
Book 1: Claws
Mickey and Amanda are put in charge of their vacationing neighbors’ cat, Bella. But Bella escapes from the house and disappears. Amanda has an idea to replace the cat with a look-alike from the local pet store, Cat Heaven. They find a cat that looks exactly like Bella, but the clerk won’t sell it to them, so they decide to steal it. Big mistake! These cats are more than they seem to be.

Book 2: Night of the Giant Everything
When 11-year-old Steven Sweeney is tricked into drinking a strange mixture of chemicals by his classmates, things begin to get strange. Either his toothbrush is growing, or he is shrinking! Will he be able to make it through the day and return to his original size?

Book 3: The Five Masks of Dr. Screem
It’s Halloween and Monica Anderson is out Trick-or-Treating with her younger brother. They knock on the door of an old, creepy house and are met by a strange woman who pleads for their help. Every year she must battle for the control of five sacred masks with the evil Dr. Screem. These artifacts have the power to manipulate the world around them. Monica doesn’t want to help at first but then Screem bursts in and steals the masks. This sets her and her brother off on a Halloween mission that will change their lives forever!

What do you think of R.L. Stine’s new Hall of Horrors series? Let us know in the Comments!

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  1. YouBugMe

    People who don’t like the books don’t have to read them. Inspiration comes from anything and everything and you can’t stop it.

  2. redbanana28

    i goosebumps are too icky and freaky. my parents wont let me read them anyway. im more into historical fiction like the green glass sea. now that a really good book you should really try reading it.

  3. Neetha

    This comment is a response to Caitlin as well as my impression about Goosebumps.
    Dear Caitlin,
    If you get nightmares by reading these books, you might want to stop reading it.
    Now, my impression about Goosebumps:
    It is really a good book. I do read them at night but I don’t get nightmares. Still, I can’t sleep sometimes thinking Slappy (in “The Night of the Living Dummy”) will come to my room and make me a slave or the Monster Blood cursed by Sarabeth (in “Monster Blood I”) will gobble me up. But still, Goosebumps have helped me improve my writing style (I do write some stories and poems)and I thank R.L Stine for that. Wish you good luck, R.L Stine!

  4. James

    I thin this book was the bomb. it is worth every second of reading now read read read.My faverouite goosebumps book is the kid that learned how to fly it is a great book with lots of funnines and scarienessin it.