October 19, 2011

Create a Caption: Goosebumps

Goosebumps_tv Create a Caption: Goosebumps

Thrills & Chills! With the weather getting chilly and daylight hours getting shorter, it’s almost that time of year again. . . Halloween! From all the talk in the hallways about what costumes to wear, to the snarling jack-o-lanterns guarding the neighbors’ front porches, Halloween preparations are well under way!

For those of you who are looking for more frightful fun than “trick-or-treat,” October is the perfect month to pick up your favorite scary stories, or sink your teeth into some new ones for an added chill factor! Leave it to Goosebumps to get you in the mood for the thrills and chills of the season.

Get your terrifying creative hats on and write a caption for the Goosebumps picture below of Slappy, the trouble-making ventriloquist dummy.

Dare to get Goosebumps? Post your caption in the Comments below.

—Amabel, Scholastic Media

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  1. amberart184

    i use to read goosebumps before but not anymore i left them alone for a while i had enough of them for a bit

  2. sonicfan123

    Slappy:Lets look for some- AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUIUUGGGHHH! WHAT IS THAT!? Is that candy?
    A doll: trick or scream!
    Slappy: I’ll go with scream!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. blackcat444

    My little sister thought up this one:
    “Oh no mommys coming better get in bed!”
    I couldn’t really tell if she was giving a caption or talking to herself because right at that moment my mom walked in. O.o

  4. darkangel117

    y would youll put a stupid doll on that little kids go on here I think you should change your picture