September 12, 2011

Write On! Hunger Games Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen Can't wait for The Hunger Games movie? Are you a Hunger Games fanatic? Suppose you've finished the books. . . and can't imagine how to pass the time until the movie?

Well, we've got a fix for you in this week's Write On! Writing Prompt. It comes from marytonga who asks:
You're in the Hunger Games. What are your thoughts as you wait to run into the Arena?

Wow, that’s a tough one. MY first thought would probably be “Get me the heck outta here!!!” If I gained my composure, maybe I’d try to see what resources I could grab to use later on. Then I’d run as far as I could to an area that looked semi-safe.

What about you guys? Leave your answer for marytonga in the Comments below!

–Ratha, Stacks Writer

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