September 12, 2011

Write On! Hunger Games Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen Can't wait for The Hunger Games movie? Are you a Hunger Games fanatic? Suppose you've finished the books. . . and can't imagine how to pass the time until the movie?

Well, we've got a fix for you in this week's Write On! Writing Prompt. It comes from marytonga who asks:
You're in the Hunger Games. What are your thoughts as you wait to run into the Arena?

Wow, that’s a tough one. MY first thought would probably be “Get me the heck outta here!!!” If I gained my composure, maybe I’d try to see what resources I could grab to use later on. Then I’d run as far as I could to an area that looked semi-safe.

What about you guys? Leave your answer for marytonga in the Comments below!

–Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Shadow Princess

    I would be having a major adrenaline rush going through me and i would be thinking where to run and what is safe to pick up. O and saying silent sorries to all the tribute’s families

  2. Pottergeek

    I would think it’s so awesome because i llllllllllloooooovvvvvvveeeeeee the hunger games and I would be freaking out. Oh, in a way I wish I were Katniss. She’s awesome and smart and cool!!!! Cannot wait any longer for the hunger games. I love everything that says the hunger games on it!!!

  3. Hydrafighting5

    I would knock out anyone in my way with my sword, and I would grab all of the supplies, and if anyone challenged me, I’d resist them.

  4. aquaautumn33

    I would sprint like heck to get my supplies.
    Then I would sprint like heck to a safe area.
    Then I would sprint like heck away from any enemies.
    Boy lets hope I’m in the mood for running!
    Okay actually I would try to make an alliance.
    Then hide it out untill everyone eliminates each other.
    Then eliminate who ever’s left over.
    And yes it’s okay is some of you copy my idea! I know it rocks!

  5. Genesis

    A little late to this one, but I couldn’t resist. I would first check out the surroundings, plan where to run, preferably where others wouldn’t be as likely to head. Then I would check to see if there were any nearby items to grab and run with. I’d leave everything that was more than a few paces from me and not in the direction I wanted to go in because I’m pretty good in the outdoors with food and shelter, etc. So the main thing would be to get to the right place, alive.

  6. Shannon

    If I was in the Hunger Games arena, I would probably freak out for a minute or two before finally gaining my composure. After eventually gaining my composure, I would get (by any means of transportation) to the cornocopia in the middle and get some food and weapons so I could start my race for survival. Along the way, I would probably try to find some useful allies. In the end, I would not go face to face with my ally, it would be too sad to see them die by my hand. I would be brave and do what was best for my friends.

  7. partygreen1

    i would think run run as fast as you can and try to survive and also i would probably be thinking about my family and things of that nature

  8. athenaocean17

    Well, first I would probably scream really loudly. Then I would look at the other tributes and at the Cornucopia to see who I should be allies with and what supplies I should grab. I would have trouble waiting for the gong so I would think about other things like how stupid the Capitol is for ever dreaming this up and my token and all my frinds and family back home. And from there on out I would rely on friends and instinct to get me out alive.

  9. socerrox

    what kind of place would you be in ? what would you be wearing? do you already have alliencs? there isnt enough detail to say.

  10. miniartemis

    “Ok, take deep breaths, deeep breaths. Alright. You are NOT going to die. Sprint to the Cornicopia before the others and get the heck out of there. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE!!!!”
    By the way, I probably won’t survive. Well, That’s depressing.