September 12, 2011

Write On! Hunger Games Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen Can't wait for The Hunger Games movie? Are you a Hunger Games fanatic? Suppose you've finished the books. . . and can't imagine how to pass the time until the movie?

Well, we've got a fix for you in this week's Write On! Writing Prompt. It comes from marytonga who asks:
You're in the Hunger Games. What are your thoughts as you wait to run into the Arena?

Wow, that’s a tough one. MY first thought would probably be “Get me the heck outta here!!!” If I gained my composure, maybe I’d try to see what resources I could grab to use later on. Then I’d run as far as I could to an area that looked semi-safe.

What about you guys? Leave your answer for marytonga in the Comments below!

–Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Siolfra

    I would run, and then come back later and get some of the left over supplies. Then I would run and stay out of everyone’s way because I wouldn’t want to kill anybody or be killed.

  2. skimboarding

    i’d be making a strategy and then run get my weapon of choice and a pack then make some traps to capture tributes and save my district partner.

  3. stuffedpickles

    I would probably be hyperventalating,or imagining my unbelievably horrif soon-to-be death. Then I’d probably be thinking of m besties.

  4. mockingjay mania

    well, i would look at the tributes before hand, make aliences, with people who have skills that i dont have. I would also figure out my biggest threats. Once in the arena, i would evaluate the situation, think of the things i need to survive and a try to find them in the cornacopia. Then i would look for wepons that i know how to use well( a machete, a bow and arrow, and some knives, and rope). Then i would look around the tribute circle and try to locate alies and threats, then grab my stuff as soon as the gong rings, and head twards high ground that is also heavilly wooded. Then i would find a warer source, then shelter(after running for a few miles with my alies). The next day i would start to figure out a food source, then take out my allies in their sleep once i get some info and skills out of them first.

  5. Bella :)

    Oh wht i’d think hmmm maybe I’d b wishing I was back home and probley about to go to tears (hey thtz meh) and probley stratgising whcih people to try and make a alliance with and well wht I should do! :)

  6. redwolf31

    I’d be in panic! I have to think about food & water, not getting killed, the weather, and my supplies! I’d try to stay alive, get as many supplies as I can, be near water but at the same time be somewhere safe.

  7. april

    i do not know this thing?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. blackpegasus12

    First, I think that that is a GOOD book.
    OK. I would think to myself: Get supplies. Run. Get supplies. Run. I would feel really terrified, but know I have to keep my cool. If plan A doesn’t work, plan B is: Run. Run. Just get outta here. It’s amazing how Katniss gets out of there alive!!!

  9. catching_fire

    Okay. I will do this :)
    I’d be thinking something along the lines of:
    “Okay. Stay calm. Assess the Cournicopia. Should I run for anything? Where are the people I want to ally with! Oh, no, don’t drop your token! Okay. Position yourself. DON’T SHIFT TOO MUCH stay calm just stay calm stay calm wait for the gong follow what your mentor said and STAY CALM. Breathe…breathe…wait for the gong…stay calm.”

  10. ghostdemeter2

    i would run for cover and then grab a wepen and when it is night take out my invisibility cloak.yes im a potterhead AND a jabberjay

  11. stonefairy

    I’d probably be thinking: Omg, how did I get here and how will I stay alive?
    Or: Okay, just concentrate. Focus on what you have to do. Have faith that God has a plan in this.

  12. Percy and Harry fan

    That is a difficult question…
    And I probably sound like a coward from this…
    “I am not going! No, absolutely not. I wish I had an invisibility cloak.”