September 13, 2011

Would You Rather. . .Back-to-School Style!

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Qmark_130 Would You Rather. . . Back-to-School Style!

Hi! Happy new school year, everybody! I hope you love your new teachers and are having so much fun back in school again! We know you are big fans of the Would You Rather quizzes, so now that schools are open, I’ve got some Would You Rather. . .questions about school.

Would you rather. . .

  1. Be homeschooled, or go to school outside the home?
  2. Have your father be your teacher, or the principal of the school?
  3. Go to school until 7pm but have more days off, or go to school until noon all year long?
  4. Be a first grader, or a twelfth grader?
  5. Get detention with Professor Umbridge, or Professor Snape?
  6. Be the most popular kid in school, or be the nicest kid in school? (I know a lot of you are probably both, but pretend you have to choose one.)
  7. Be the lead in the school play, or the captain of the soccer team?
  8. Dance with your mom in front of the whole class, or spill your entire lunch on yourself in front of everyone?
  9. Sing a solo in front of the school, or get detention for a week?
  10. Fail a test, or have all your friends be mad at you?

Leave your answers in the Comments. If you have your own Would You Rather. . . questions, write those in the Comments too!

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  1. emma

    1.outside the house 2.principle until 7pm 4.twelfth grader 5.snape 6.nicest kid 7.head of the soccer team 8.spill my lunch 9.sing a solo a test