September 23, 2011

Meet the A.N.T. Farm Stars!

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ANTfarm1_2 A.N.T Farm Interview!
We know you are fans of China Anne McClain and A.N.T. Farm featuring three gifted middle school students who get accepted into a prestigious A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) program at their local high school. They have to deal with all the problems of high school – three years earlier than expected! It stars China Anne McClain as Chyna. She can sing and play almost any instrument. Sierra McCormick plays Olive, who has a photographic memory. Then Jake Short plays Fletcher, who is an artistic genius and practical joker. Throw into the mix the actual high-schoolers, including Stefanie Scott, who plays Lexi, the popular cheerleader and Chyna’s rival. And of course, no show would be complete without the older-brother-who-is embarrassed-of-his-younger-sister character, played by Carlon Jeffery. In this interview, we hit on the show, music, & books. Check it out!

Q: Are you working on an album?
China: Yes, we have the A.N.T. Farm cast album.
Q: Will “Dynamite” be on it?
China: Yes and also “Unstoppable.” And a lot of other songs. And me and my sisters are signed to Hollywood Records so we’re going to have an album.
Ratha: If you guys haven’t seen Chyna’s cover of the Taio Cruz song “Dynamite” playing on Disney Channel, you should check it out. The girl can SING!


Q: Tell us about your characters on the show.
Sierra: (about Olive) The greatest thing about my character is how smart she is. She’s really smart. I get pretty good grades, but I don’t know half as much as she does!
Jake: I play Fletcher, and he’s a kid genius.
Q: How close to that are you?
Jake: On a scale from 1-10, negative 30!
Carlon: (on playing Chyna’s older brother, Cameron) My favorite thing is how mischievous my character is. He’s not like me in real life. But he just wants to get rid of everything and relax; that’s why I like him.
Stefanie: (on playing Lexi, Chyna’s rival): She’s so driven to get what she wants. I, Stefanie, wouldn’t get things the way she does. She’s willing to do anything even if it means being not so nice to get it. But I like that she’s really driven.

Q: What books do you like?
Jake: I like to read fantasy and action books. I really like The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up), the book I’m reading now.
China: I just finished The Hunger Games! It’s amazing. I’m really excited to see The Hunger Games movie (rated PG-13).
Ratha: Jake and China, I could not agree more! You guys not only have a hot show, but impeccable taste in books!
Sierra: Pretty Little Liars (for ages 12 and up), I’ve read all of them and I really love Sara Shepard so I’m reading The Lying Game (for ages 12 and up).
Stefanie: One of my favorite books is The Other Half of Life (for ages 12 and up). I found it in the library. It’s an amazing book.

When they’re not reading, or singing, or busy being regular kids, they are starring in A.N.T Farm. I love it. Let us know what you think in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

Interview by Geri Miller
Images Courtesy of Disney Channel


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  1. jaclyn

    I cant believe that i am talking to a popstar and i hope you reply and that we can become friends. I watch A.N.T. farm all the time!!!! :0

  2. morgan

    China I never knew you wrote books!!! I also can’t believe I am sot of in a way talking to you!!!!! What is happening next on A.N.T. Farm?

  3. Best Singer In The World

    Ant Farm is such a good show!!!China can really sing. My Fav songs by her is dynamite and calling all monsters

  4. angelina

    i love her show and sometimes i sing her song in the bathroom i don’t miss any new show that new i just want to be just like her because i love to sing a lot and i want to have my show to i now want to do on my show.

  5. Ashley101

    I LOVE A.N.T Farm. It is the best. Now that I read their comments i love it more. They sound exactly as they would on t.v. Except Lexie and Cammeren.

  6. Hadiyyah

    I think that its awesome i do , want to meet china in real life but i don’t know about that . So um i just hope the show goes on because i like the show .
    Fletcher is so awesome because he like’s china in the show so i like that .