September 30, 2011

Goosebumps Questions? Ask R.L. Stine

Rlstine Have you read all the Goosebumps books, watched all the TV shows, and wondered infinitely what goes on in the mind of Goosebumps creator, R.L. Stine? Well, here’s your chance to find out!

R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps HorrorLand and the new Hall of Horrors book series, is ready to answer your burning questions. Submit your questions in the Comments below and we’ll choose 10 of the most creative and terrifyingly ghoulish questions to pass on to R.L. Stine.

Check back here on October 26 to read the answers and see if your question was chosen.

— Amabel, Scholastic Media

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  1. dancingbasketball20

    omg i just luv the goosebumps book specially hoorrland the little shop of hamsters and they call me monster and also the nightmare room series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. blackitten53

    gosse bumps is good but can he make it a little less pages and more hanted and new cover like hard book covers and i would like to be a closet monster

  3. turquoisekitten10

    when and how were you inspired to write horror mysteries?
    PS i love your books! they’re scary and filled with suspense. plus, you never know how the end is gonna turn out.

  4. Cheerfulheart15

    What inspired you to be a writer?
    What’s your favorite book of Goosebumps that you wrote?
    When did you become a writer?
    Were you good at telling ghost stories when you were young?

  5. fireflamer5

    Okay this is me being a reality T.V. addict. When you were on Halloween wars. Did you volunteer or did they ask you to judge. I’ve always wondered how that works

  6. jjunkyard

    ive read all of the gosse bumps books that my school has and my favorite was the night of the living dummy 1,2,3. R,L Stine is one of the most amasing authors ther is and wonder just what makes you think of these things?

  7. corey

    R.L. Stine and J.K. Rowling inspired me to write a book. How did you get your stories discovered and why do you put twisted endings into your stories? That is what makes them awesome.

  8. Andrea

    Where do you get your inspiration for all your books? Did they come from childhood stories? Do you watch a lot of horror movies or read a lot of horror books? Do you like Stephen King? Is he your idol? Do you ever get scared when reading one of your Goosebump books? What’s it like writing horror books?

  9. ngonwater

    my favorite book by u is goosebumps:vampire breath I like that book because I love vampires and It is a really good book.You inspired me to write scary books.

  10. ngonwater

    Who inspired you to make scary book such as goosebumps did you also make the movies?if so on a scale 1-10 my opinion about goosebumps and others is a 10!