August 1, 2011

Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen As you know, every Monday we post a Writing Prompt for you where we ask you to write something in the Comments, a caption, a book title, or something about you.

Well, for today's Writing Prompt, I want to hear YOUR suggestions. What ideas do you have for some great Writing Prompts on Ink Splot 26? They can be funny or serious, random or life-changing, creative or simple, or anything you want!

I promise to use every single idea in the blog – as long as they're not, you know, inappropriate or anything!

I can't wait to see your ideas!

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  1. Rev

    You could use:
    1. What are the most boring or commonly used writing prompts that you’ve responded to?
    Ex. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? (Ugh, I hate that one.)

    2. Write about the coolest cloud shape you’ve ever seen.

    3. If you open your closet one day and see a strange note that someone wrote and then tried to rub out, what would you think is and who would you think wrote it?

    4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Why?

    5. If you were told that your appearance could be changed, but only once, what would you want to look like?

  2. Pankaj

    - Wow, very nice.A friend at work was just taniklg about something very similar.I think I would like to do one too, I just need to be in the right frame of mind.

  3. Minkadventure17

    Complete these sentances:

    If only…
    He/She was really interested in that door. A little peak wouldn’t hurt, would it?
    I’ve always wanted to fly, but not like this…

    I hope you like them!!! :)

  4. Dreamtimepig8

    You are moving into a new home , a new town, a new state , a new school and you just can’t fit in. As the family of 5 moves in, they realize the house is haunted and there are five people in the family of ghosts. You made a friend ghost who acts exactly like you but has more tips to fit in and stuff. As you take the ghost’s advice , you start making more friends at middle school but a bully named Bumper realizes you are taking advice from a ghost and made a terrible rumor of it. All your friends are scared of Bumper and go ahead thinking the rumor is true and never talked to you again and now you have to start your journey in understanding the rumor, why is Bumper a bully , and how to prove there is nothing wrong in having a ghost friend . Do what you have to and begin your quest !

  5. Alison

    Write about your life as a cat or any other animal. Make sure it’s action-filled, suspenseful, funny, and exciting.

  6. blueangel571

    an idea for a writing prompt is what would you do if you were lost the desert? what would be five things you would want to have with you?

  7. Amberfrost62

    Would you rather get sucked into a tv and meet Dora or get sucked into a video game and have to survive the whole entire game

  8. cutemorning8

    what would your parents say if you told them that your favorite stuffed animal could travel through time?

  9. Ley56

    If you had a chance to go into your favorite story as yourself what would you do?
    I would go into The Diversion. In the animorphs series. I would kindly explain to Ax that saying outloud to the cast register guy that your a juvinal deilinquent is not the smartest idea.

    1. cutemorning8

      the color of hunger is magenta. magenta cause green is happy yellow is alright red is mad so magenta!!!!

  10. Shannon

    Think of the most embarrasing/silliest thing you have ever done in your lifetime. If you could go back in time, would you change it, or leave it be?
    Why or why not?
    (Make sure that this event in your life is not inappropriate! Have fun writing!)

  11. 72pineapple

    I would love to have a spot where I could put stories out there. I <3 writing stories. Hopefully someday I’ll be an author!