August 8, 2011

Writing Prompt: Your Ideas!

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Rainbow_pen Last week, I asked you awesome, intelligent, and creative people for your ideas for Writing Prompts, and you gave me . . . SHOCKER! . . . awesome, intelligent, and creative Writing Prompts, like a million of them! I love you guys. I really do. I promised I would use them all, and I will but it might take me a few months, or years, to include them all. Keep checking back because yours will definitely be here someday!

7938632face Ashi1 submitted these ideas:

"Well, I pretty much have silly ideas:- You could keep a quiz on your fave book. You can have a random 3 line poem thingy. You can give a caption yourself and tell us guyz to describe the situation like-If the caption's Kittens blah blah blah,then describe what they're doing."

I like the 3 line poem idea! OK I'll start the poem and you guys continue in the Comments.

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That moves and shifts like clay
When all at once, I saw a crowd
of amazing STACKERS who just made my day!

OK, so it's 4 lines and I stole some of it from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but you get the picture. Yours will be much better than mine. Please add your lines to the poem in the Comments. 

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Shannon

    Here is mine, continued off of yours (which was really good!)
    They are crafty, smart,
    and as bright as a star,
    I was very surprised,
    how amazing they are!
    They make me laugh when i’m sad,
    Joke when i’m mad,
    behave when i’m bad,
    and altogether, they make me feel glad
    ps-a question- what is STACKS??? How do you become one?
    They sound awesome- da Big Cheeses!

  2. mouthmemie

    :iconmouthmemie: thinks that you should make a prompt on your favorite animal and describe it and say why it’s their favorite animal.


    hey i do something fun but then i get bored can someone tell me anything else i can do to keep me happy and do something fun please?!?

  4. Alana248

    well, i am starting 2 write a book called “Dreaming At Dawn”and “Riot Smiles”.It’s kinda hard.:( funny entertainment:Dude!I was fully awake!Dude!Dominoes is now using REAL CHEESE!What were they using before??!! XD

  5. Megyn

    Omg, my creavtivity is crazy! U all probably know about the whole big writing prompts we have! 12 is apassing and 20 is perfect! Well guess what? I got a perfect! The only one in fifth grade. I was so excited!