August 15, 2011

Writing Prompt: Back to School!

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BackToSchool Writing Prompt: Back to School!

In most parts of the world, kids attend school all year round, and only have the month of August off. My friend from Japan talked about when he moved to the U.S., he was thrilled to have June, July, and August off. He said he didn’t know what to do with himself! (His mom promptly enrolled him in “summer classes” – poor guy). Another friend who recently went to London mentioned how the whole country practically shuts down for “holiday” in August. So I guess we should be grateful for small blessings like 2 ½ months of summer vacation!

But, now back-to-school time is here. The memories of summer will be tucked away, to make room for new memories in the coming school year (sniff sniff).

So, for today’s Writing Prompt we want to hear from you about Back-to-School:

What are you most looking forward to? What are you most dreading? What are your goals for the coming school year? What do you hope to accomplish?

Let us know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. werewolfcat5

    Well,it’s not really summer vacation right now but almost.I don’t look forward to anything next year when I start middle school! I’m dreading about meeting new people and teachers and how to get around the school.My goals for the upcoming school year is to be better at math.I hope to accomplish that.

  2. caroline

    well we already passed my first quarter in school this comment was posted late, so far it has been great all A’s!!! first year of middle school if ur not there yet or about to b its the best!

  3. Shannon

    Well, I absolutely love summer. This summer I went on a trip out West to Grand Canyon, California, yada,yada and it was awesome! But by the time I got back, I wanted to go back to school, and then once my wish had been granted, I wanted to get out of the place! Sometimes I wish that I could clone myself and go to Fiji instead. I hope to keep up the A’s I get, and I hope to be a soccer, basketball, and track star! I love my english teacher so I think im all set for the year. Except for those weekly tests. . .

  4. Onyxfairy5

    i dont know bout a lot cuz i have arabic class axams all summer cuz my teacher thinks that since its summer take advantage!!

  5. mouthmemie

    For the school year I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends that I haven’t seen in a decade. I am dreading opening my locker. My goals are to meet new friends and to keep my grades high.

  6. Claire

    I am looking forward to seeing my friends more I am dreading homework I hope to accomplish not missing any Homework assignments My goals are to become more oeacful


    This school year in middle school the thing that I am looking forward to most is harder academic challenges. The thing that I am dreading is longer school hours. My goal is to reach high academic goals. I want my accomplishment to be that I get on the A/B honor roll.

  8. AquaBird376

    Im looking forward to the football and basketball games. What im most dreading is the homework and changing classes. What I hope to accomplish is getting straight A’s.

  9. baller01

    This school year I’m looking foward to having my own locker.In the classrooms I will manage to keep an A or B in all my classes the whole year