August 15, 2011

Writing Prompt: Back to School!

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BackToSchool Writing Prompt: Back to School!

In most parts of the world, kids attend school all year round, and only have the month of August off. My friend from Japan talked about when he moved to the U.S., he was thrilled to have June, July, and August off. He said he didn’t know what to do with himself! (His mom promptly enrolled him in “summer classes” – poor guy). Another friend who recently went to London mentioned how the whole country practically shuts down for “holiday” in August. So I guess we should be grateful for small blessings like 2 ½ months of summer vacation!

But, now back-to-school time is here. The memories of summer will be tucked away, to make room for new memories in the coming school year (sniff sniff).

So, for today’s Writing Prompt we want to hear from you about Back-to-School:

What are you most looking forward to? What are you most dreading? What are your goals for the coming school year? What do you hope to accomplish?

Let us know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. astronomyable3

    im really happy that school’s here at last..i mean its gr8 to stay relaxed and all but i prefer busy schedules….i really cant wait to do extra curricular activities and join all the clubs and after school classes that i can!i also cant wait to make new frnds(im starting a new school) and meet all my new teachers and get started with school a brilliant student and cant wait to be teacher’s pet…im dreading getting lost in a big school and meeting mean people and sitting alone at lunch,etc.
    im a somewhat brainiac and hold my position proudly…i dont want any1 to be smarter than me either….i hope to participate in everything that is offered and win alot of prizes and get do lots of cool things goals are to become a bit more confident and bold.

  2. bluebutterfly324

    ok so I am excited for school because I get to see my best friend’s and it’s my first year of middle school so this year should be interesting….. :)

  3. Selena

    Well I am looking forward to seeing all my friends from last year. Starting middle school is exciting!!! I just hope i have everything I need for each of my classes. i am looking forward to all the up coming games, competitions, tests, and assignments. My goal is to get all good grades and straight A’s. I’m not looking forward to any bullies or science fairs. I just don’t know why. If there’s a spelling bee then i want to at least past the first few rounds.

  4. Artsheerful10

    Imso excited 4 school 2 start.Im mostly lokking foward 2 new teachers and kids.Im most dreading about bullys.My goals are 2 still get good grades.I hope to accomplish how to get around in my school.

  5. Gracie

    I’m looking forward to all my new classes. I’m dreading being a new kid (going into 6th grade). My goal is not to get terrible grades. I hope to accomplish not failing.

  6. Bee

    I’m most looking forward to going into middle school. I am dreading the amount of homework we have. My goals are to study hard and get good grades and I hope I excel in English and Language Arts because those are my two favorite subjects!! Can’t wait!! :)

  7. dreamtimecupcake12

    well, im looking forward to seeing my new teachers joining a new school which i am very well excited to enjoy..

  8. jackblackreading

    My gosh school is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know why but i HATE summer break cant wait for school only two days away!!!


    well school is going great i only have one teacher I’m not happy about write me back and friend me

  10. alec

    This year is the first year of middle school. I can’t wait to have my own lockers and everything. I think it’s going to be great.

  11. trixie m

    hey julia my classes are going awesome and m in 6th grade!!middle school!!do u guys write with pens!!we do!

  12. Sierra

    I’m looking forward to my 1st year of middle school,meeting my teachers,classmates and making new friends. I’m dreading the fact that all my friends from elementary school are going to a different school. My goals are to get A’s and B’s for the whole school year, make alot of new friends, stay out of trouble.