August 15, 2011

Writing Prompt: Back to School!

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BackToSchool Writing Prompt: Back to School!

In most parts of the world, kids attend school all year round, and only have the month of August off. My friend from Japan talked about when he moved to the U.S., he was thrilled to have June, July, and August off. He said he didn’t know what to do with himself! (His mom promptly enrolled him in “summer classes” – poor guy). Another friend who recently went to London mentioned how the whole country practically shuts down for “holiday” in August. So I guess we should be grateful for small blessings like 2 ½ months of summer vacation!

But, now back-to-school time is here. The memories of summer will be tucked away, to make room for new memories in the coming school year (sniff sniff).

So, for today’s Writing Prompt we want to hear from you about Back-to-School:

What are you most looking forward to? What are you most dreading? What are your goals for the coming school year? What do you hope to accomplish?

Let us know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. brainyblack4

    I hope to meet the new kids!I dread Gym class! My Goals? To be a kind,honest,and nice person. Not just in school, but out side too.

  2. indigocreative2

    As I said, ya, I am really ecstatic,excited and off my seat to go to school again!!! I am working hard and doing math and science and spelling at home. I hope to become valedictorian, winning the school and maybe district bee. i am also looking forward to chess!! School is superb! Though, I actually would rather have school punctually, and the way that most other schools around the world do….

  3. indigocreative2

    I am looking forward to the spelling bee, also. Learning is phenomenal and we should all be thankful to get it!!! :) :)

  4. indigocreative2

    I am looking forward for the new tear at my school, generally. My school is very cool and promotes education, like my friends. I am training to go to a special math, writing and reading program on a specific day. I will dread not having recess 2. But I know that it will have better values. I am looking forward to the chess club. I hope I will work very hard and succeed in my work in this year. I am also looking forward to learning many new things and reading and getting back to our school library every week!!!

  5. magicalpanda1

    What are you most looking forward to? ::: Well…I’m looking forward to making new friends and art projects.
    What are you most dreading? ::: I’m dreading homework of course, and mean teachers.
    What are your goals for the coming school year? ::: My goals? hmm…well…to make new friends and to get straight A’s.
    What do you hope to accomplish? ::: Hmmm~I’m not so sure.

  6. SilverFairy1

    What are you most looking forward to: Actually all the new nice teachers!
    What are you most dreading: The boys and girls in my class who think… Just those people that have very Very different minds than mind. VERY.
    What do you wish to accomplish:Showing the bullies a piece of my mind in a nice way.
    What goals do you have: Get really good grades. The last year’s weren’t so hot

  7. petgirl33

    I can’t wait to see my best friends! I also can’t wait to get some new insipiration for my writing.
    I ain’t looking forward to all the homework. Or to all the kids who bully everyone ( I decided to not name names.)
    I hope to get all A’s and get much better at tennis.


    I’m looking forward to seeing my awesome friends, dreading cranky teachers and more HW. I missed sooo many days of school, so I want to miss about 2 days. Seventh grade, here I come :)

  9. miniartemis

    I live in another country and we are starting school next week and we only have seven weeks of summer vacation. So, really, believe me, you guys should be grateful.
    I’m not looking forward to school, I even get nightmares about it. In my school, seventh grade is “sort of” like junior high already, so I am FREAKING!!!! Also, I am going to have as homeroom teacher the most severe teacher of the school!! ugh.

  10. Aeris256

    What are you most looking forward to? Learning to play the Ocarina!
    What are you most dreading? Spanish…
    What are your goals for the coming school year? To do better at it.
    What do you hope to accomplish? Playing the ocarina!

  11. GuardoftheWorlds

    I’m so sad that summer is coming to an end, although I am looking towards the first day of school! Nervous and excited…
    I’m looking forward to establishing a relationship with my teachers and friends. I want to get good grades and actually REMEMBER the information. I want to understand the wonderful world around us :)

  12. Caylie0519

    I`m really exited to learn once again. My goal is to get straight A`s or alot of A`s.I hope to be a really good saftey patrol person for my 2nd year

  13. kookoocrazy

    I love school!!!!! But this year we were supposed to get an easy teacher and we’re not ! They put him as the P.E. teacher. Now we’re gonna get hard work:(

  14. PinkPanther73

    I love summer vacation, but it goes by to fast. most people want it to be a longer time. I wish I didnt have to go school but I get to see my friends at school. I wish summer was a lot longer because most people I know hate going to school. I wish it would be more homework and more summer. I really like that idea.

  15. stonefairy

    I’m looking forward to just starting a new year. I’m homeschooled, so I take online classes as well as regular classes with my mom, and this year I’m starting an online math class. I think that will be really helpful and make me really smart. I have been doing an online English class for the past two years and now I’ll be going into English 3, which I’m not looking forward to because what I’ve heard of it, it’s really hard and you have to spend long hours working, and you get lots of homework, but it’ll be good for me. Also, I might take a fencing class and that will be really cool!

  16. chattyaqua25

    i’m looking forward to seeing my friends. i’m dreading our new homework!!!! my goals this year is to get on the basketball team and get straight A’s. what i hope to accomplish is to not get in trouble, A LOT!!!!

  17. Percy and harry fan

    Haha, I say I’m unusual. Why? I hate summer vacation, because what do you do all those long 2 1/4 months? I can only read and write so much! Getting active, I get it. But that does get boring. SO I’m ecstatic to go back to school. School is a place of knowledge, that you can portray with your works. That makes me the happiest, the satisfaction of handing in good, hard worked…work. I feel awesome when studying for a test or quiz, and knowing I’ll get an A. This year as I head into 8th grade, I hope to meet great teachers as I did have in 7th grade. I also wish to give my best and hopefully finish the year with a 3-year average of a 98. Most of all, I hope to become valedictorian and make my parents proud…(and also to have that personal satisfaction that we all do crave…)
    What I dread? If I’m not going to be in advanced science…

  18. trixie m

    well my skool is planning to continue the holdays till 5 of september!im not that thrilled!!cuz i realy wanna go back to skool!have some fun!!kick back with friends and enjoy!!and of the studies:}!!and did u know we dont have our exams till 6th grade!and im in 6th grade now so im gonna have my exams!im kinda scared!!wish me luck!!!im looking forward to bascetball!and im dreading the maths exam!im not that good at maths!!

  19. alywrites

    I’m looking forward to making new friends, seeing my old friends, and learning new things! I’m dreading Geometry. I plan to get all A’s and B’s this year (last year I almost had it…except for in math…), more A’s THAN B’s. I hope to accomplish…my goals?

  20. coolchicken3

    I’m looking forward to seeing my friends. I am dreading the homework (my brother got 12 sheets last year!!!) My goal is to get a Netball medal. I hope to get good grades.