August 29, 2011

Write On!

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As you guys might know, a few weeks ago we asked you awesome, creative, intelligent people for your ideas on Writing Prompts, and you gave us . . . awesome, intelligent, creative Writing Prompts! We thought they were so cool, we decided to give this feature its own special name: Write On!

Last week we featured Ashi1 who asked for a 3 line poem. We got some great, hilarious, and even thought-provoking works of genius!

This week, check out our featured Writing Prompt from baseballdragon9
What would you do with a million dollars?????

Splotter zoe1 also replied and asked:
If I had a million dollars I would buy a car first!!!!! What would you do?

That is a really tough one. I think I would split the money up. I would use some of it to help my family, put some towards my dream home, some to invest for the future, and give some to multiple sclerosis research (someone close to me has MS). Also I might give some to my college for scholarships – Go Syracuse! Wait, does that leave any left over for unlimited chocolate delivery for the rest of my life?

Hmm. Well, thanks for the question, baseballdragon9 and zoe1. What would YOU do with a million dollars? Let us know in the Comments below.

And keep checking back to see if your Writing Prompt idea is featured. You could be the next famous “Write On” Splotter!

-Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Shannon

    First of all, if I had a million dollars, I would start to hyperventilate and make weird sqealing noises of some sort. Then, I would give some of it to a useful charity (like animal rescue) then I would give some to my family, my college account, and my Future Life Savings. Then, I’d take a trip to New York and walk the streets and search for homeless people and give them some money for food and shelter. Then I would probably go and buy a whole bunch of *pug dogs and chocolate truffels*

  2. Twinktoes87

    COLLEGE! Then I’d probably buy myself a decent house and get a nice used car. Then I’d put some away for interest, and some to donate.

  3. blaCk baRbiee! :)

    If ii had aa million dollars ii would spend mayb nt even aa 1/4 of iit nd putt dha rest nn myy savings account jes nn case ii really need iit sumday.. ii mean yaa nevaa kno ndd iim nt dha one to go around wasting money. ndd nt tryna sound selfiish budt ii wouldnt giive iit to charity or anything either. ii have to think about myy future..

  4. 72pineapple

    I would probably donate some of the money to Alzhemiers, my grandpa had that. Then I would save a lot of it so I could go to college in the future without being absolutely broke afterward. And if I have any left I would definately save it for the future.

  5. summit25

    Oh, I’d give some to my family. Then I’d give some to my best friend and my church. I’d buy some fun things. The rest I’d save for college so I can get a good education and job to help people

  6. Onyxfairy5

    I would go to the best schools in the world and then buy myself a private jet plane, motorcycle, and horse-drawn carriage, get a big house in the country, a cool modern house in the city and a summer resort in Wales and then travel to my fulfill and, of course, give to those unfortunate

  7. mouthmemie

    If I had million dollars I would donate 3-quarters of it to charities then buy myself a phone and finally get a boxer

  8. SmartyPants101

    A million dollars, huh?
    *$50 000 to buy my dad an American black dodge charger.
    *$10 000 for my mummy.
    *$15 000 to a foudation to research peanut allergies.
    *$10 000 to visit my penpal.
    *Save the rest for university and a house and a really cool car.

  9. bemusedfire1

    Hey! I have a question for everyone. =) If you could have a super power what would it be? I know a lot of people ask this but I was just courious.
    I would want to fly!
    cause then I could sit on a cloud and read =)
    (if u could really sit on a cloud that is)

  10. bemusedfire1

    I really don’t know what I’d do with a million dollars. But it’s really tempting to spend it all on myself. No I think I would donate most of the money to help cure various dieseases. then I would start a totouring center.

  11. chattytoes3

    If I had a million dollars…
    First I would give 14,000 to my parents. Then I would buy 2 yorkie puppies, and that will cost about $2,000. Then I will donate $50,000. After that I will give $1,000 to each of my 4 siblings. After that I would buy a beach house for my mom ONLY!!!!That would cost about $400,000. Then I would buy my own $30,000 apartment. Then I’ll have to go get groceries and clothes and that would cost about $300. And since I would be so far away from my parents I would need the $150 iPhone. The rest I would invest and save.

  12. BLACKBEAR296

    I would help my dad whose in the HOSPITAL!!!!he’s hurting badly…i would also help my mom’s friend they found tumor’s in his brain he’s in ICU poor guy’s

  13. EmeraldAmythest13

    i’d go and:help with our new house fund, get a little something for all seven of us (if u include the baby and the dog), another BIG thing for me, then save the rest. pretty advanced, huh? :-)

  14. C

    I’d buy my dream house and than buy all the books I’d need to start a public library and with the rest I’d buy tons of writing supplies so I can write books.

  15. Winterprincess18

    If I had a Million Dollars, I would donate some money for a charity, then I would save some for college and the rest of the money is going for a room makeover!