August 29, 2011

Write On!

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As you guys might know, a few weeks ago we asked you awesome, creative, intelligent people for your ideas on Writing Prompts, and you gave us . . . awesome, intelligent, creative Writing Prompts! We thought they were so cool, we decided to give this feature its own special name: Write On!

Last week we featured Ashi1 who asked for a 3 line poem. We got some great, hilarious, and even thought-provoking works of genius!

This week, check out our featured Writing Prompt from baseballdragon9
What would you do with a million dollars?????

Splotter zoe1 also replied and asked:
If I had a million dollars I would buy a car first!!!!! What would you do?

That is a really tough one. I think I would split the money up. I would use some of it to help my family, put some towards my dream home, some to invest for the future, and give some to multiple sclerosis research (someone close to me has MS). Also I might give some to my college for scholarships – Go Syracuse! Wait, does that leave any left over for unlimited chocolate delivery for the rest of my life?

Hmm. Well, thanks for the question, baseballdragon9 and zoe1. What would YOU do with a million dollars? Let us know in the Comments below.

And keep checking back to see if your Writing Prompt idea is featured. You could be the next famous “Write On” Splotter!

-Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Puffineagle3

    I would go for five years visiting every country island and ocean, by boat, car,plane, hot air balloon etc.
    then i would buy a house and live near my family.

  2. sapphirenight4

    I’d give some to my church I’d give some to my family
    I’d give to charities
    then the rest for me to spend on whatever i want!!!!!

  3. Krista

    I would use most of the money to travel around the world.After I got home from my world tour I’d put all the rest of my money into a savings acount for my colledge educatoin.

  4. Claire

    I would first buy a new house for my family, and then I would get a new set of pens and bathgel(the little things count to right)Then I would save half of the rest for college and the othe half I would save untill I needed it

  5. redwolf31

    - give some to my older sister
    - use some on college
    - 1,000 dollars would be my “fun money” where i would use it on anything like electronics, clothes, etc.

  6. sarene

    I would split the money with my family or…
    I would buy my dreamhouse or a castle that included everything or most of what me and my family wanted.If I had any leftover money,I would go around the world going on adventures with my family.If I did’nt have enough money for that,I would buy me…
    A PUPPY!

  7. SilverFairy1

    I would first pay my tithing. Then i would buy a car. I would buy a house. pay to go to collage for a couple more years. Than with the extra money i have when college is over and i have an awesome job i would donate the rest of that million dollars to a really good charity.

  8. TangledHairxd

    If i had a million dollars(o.o)I would give it 2 global charity.Well..Half of it.The other half,I would buy the Abbey Dawn clothing line by….AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!!!!!!Then I will go rob a bank…jk jk jk jk!

  9. autumnapplebelly

    If I had a million dollars I would donate a quarter to charity, give a quarter to my parents so they could by a dream house, put a quarter in savings, and do whatever I wanted with the rest.

  10. astronomyable3

    i would probably go to the best school in the world, travel,not just the world but the UNIVERSE and then with the remaining money i would give it to charity and poor people>.

  11. 44maplesyrup

    i would probably donate half,i’m not sure to what exactly…with some of it would travel the world and get a car. the rest i would save and use when i needed it.
    i want a million dollars already!!!