August 24, 2011

Kid Reporters Meet President Obama

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Obama Two Scholastic News Kid Reporters, 10-year-old Topanga Sena of Orlando, Florida, and 11-year-old Jacob Schroeder of Albuquerque, New Mexico, conducted an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama at the White House. The interview covered a wide range of topics including the economy, education for 21st century jobs, the environment, and the books that he reads with his daughters. The President also talked about the events of 9/11, telling the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps that it was a tragic moment for all of us, adding, “But. . . as terrible as that day was, it brought America together and it reminded us that we’re all one people, and that each of us have a responsibility as citizens of the United States, to try to make this country the best it can be.”

As the interview came to a close, a surprise visitor trotted into the room. Bo, the First Dog, greeted the Kid Reporters with a wag of his tail and earned a treat from the President.

How cool!! Click here to watch the complete video interview with the President.

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  1. Queenbelle56

    I love watching president obama expressing himself in different ways and tell us on how he feels about world wide promblems and helps us know that he is a good president and no matter what goes on he will try and help fix it in the best way possible

  2. Onyxfairy5

    kewl! i would like to interview the Prez! i cant believe he’s a HP fan! 2 cool! wonder if he lyk Rick Riordan’s books

  3. aquaheart28

    Wow, it would be so cool to meet the president. I don’t know if I could interview him, I would be so nervous!!

  4. Emily

    I think the kid reporters did an awesome job! They didn’t look nervous. I would have been shaking if I interviewed the U.S. President. Good job Jacob and Topanga!

  5. beastlybasilisk4

    its really nice knowing that you might have something in common with the PRESIDENT like for instance: we both are Harry Potter fans and we both have seen all the movies

  6. SilverFairy1

    There isn’t really anything thing in my community really. Nothing ever happens here. Well except for like every 5 yrs.

  7. carolina

    First of all 2 let u all know Tapanga is one of my sisters best friends and of course mine w e know their family very well and funny thing is that today we met them at the library and we said hi. they were telling us about Tapanga how she met the president and they were watching the videos of their daughter. so we took a peek and we were suprised to find out she went to meet the president and we were thrilled for her and we were proud of Tapanga and we congratulated her and so thank you for being one of our friends and Tapanga good luck and this is only the begining keep up the good work!!! :)

  8. PianoGirl6

    I agree with chattyaqua25. It would be pretty awesome to interview the president!
    Wish I could, but I know I can’t…

  9. miniartemis

    Wow! I’d love to meet Barack Obama! Unfortunately, I can’t be part of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps ’cause I don’t live in the states. Too bad!

  10. Percy and Harry fan

    This is really cool, and I enjoyed each of the interview segments. Although the reporters were really tense and staged, they both did a very nice job. President Obama, as usual, has his excelling speech skills, and the video of education, the Constitution, and his favorite reads were my favorite. YES! OUR PRESIDENT IS A HARRY POTTER FAN!