July 18, 2011

Writing Prompt: Future Career

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Writingprompt_generic When I was young, I never imagined that I would be working for the ultimate website of all awesomeness when I grew up. I couldn't imagine it because when I was young, the Internet hadn't even been invented yet! (Imagine having to grow up without the STACKS!) Well, I got lucky and landed my dream job at Scholastic, but for today's Writing Prompt, I want to hear from you.

What is your Future Dream Job?

Writer? Veterinarian? Chef? Librarian? Solar Power Engineer? Auror? (We might discover that magic is real! You never know!) Dream about your perfect world, what kinds of things it will have in it, and then imagine your dream job in it! I can't wait to hear all the ways you are going to grow up and change the world!


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  1. Aliraluna

    Hmph there are plenty of thing I want to be… but for now (haha) I want to be a writer and work in a laboratory.

  2. Katie

    I want to be an author when I grow up. I know magic already exists so I have some alternatives at hand.

  3. Lilyluna411

    My dream job would be to become an author. To inspire readers for generations, to weave a web of the fantastical and otherworldly, to create something from nothing but words, which after all, are our greatest source of inexhaustible magic :) And most of all, because when I settle down to retirement some time in the years to come, I want to be able to say I left a handprint on humanity, not the trace of fingertips

  4. orangemonkey18

    I would work in a resteraunt and save all the money i can for peaple who need houses familys and food

  5. hiphoph

    I want to be either one of two things. A animal behaviorist so I can study animals, which to get more into detail I’m really interested in marine mammals (most of all dolphins). I’ve been reading books and watching movies on real people who swim with dolphins everyday. It’s amazing,for that I want to swim with wild dolphins, not the ones that do shows.
    The other thing I would love to be is a dancer.
    I love all types of dance and I’ve learned how to do:
    Tap,Hiphop,Jazz,Broadway,Modern,Ballet,a Indonesian dance,ballroom (salsa,tango,rumba,waltz…).
    I haven’t done pointe though…
    But I love dancing too. Just the feeling when you do a jump and land it right, or in Broadway you get to be a charecter and also, sometimes, a comedian. I love to dance.

  6. gigglyelbow3

    well i love little kids so i’d want to be a teacher and i sing so maybe i’ll be a famous singer!

  7. Katie

    An author because I’m amazing. I am in a writing club and my instrustor says I have great potiental. I am writing two books so far ( Stranded and Charmspeak)

  8. horsehydra1

    I want to be either a marine biologist or a horse trainer. I’ve always loved going to aquariums, and I love horses! :)

  9. emi

    I would like to be a vetttttttttttt!!!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!