July 18, 2011

Writing Prompt: Future Career

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Writingprompt_generic When I was young, I never imagined that I would be working for the ultimate website of all awesomeness when I grew up. I couldn't imagine it because when I was young, the Internet hadn't even been invented yet! (Imagine having to grow up without the STACKS!) Well, I got lucky and landed my dream job at Scholastic, but for today's Writing Prompt, I want to hear from you.

What is your Future Dream Job?

Writer? Veterinarian? Chef? Librarian? Solar Power Engineer? Auror? (We might discover that magic is real! You never know!) Dream about your perfect world, what kinds of things it will have in it, and then imagine your dream job in it! I can't wait to hear all the ways you are going to grow up and change the world!


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  1. alywrites

    Author all the way! If that doesn’t work out, I plan to minor in Photography and History, so there is that…!

  2. amusedart3

    I don’t really think about jobs now so here goes………. I’d either be an author or a teacher.

  3. whirlwindblue2

    I want to be an author, because for just a kid, people say I’m excellent. I also have a lot of faith in myself.

  4. redwolf31

    I write good stories and would really like to be a prosecutor so that I can put criminals in jail.

  5. Clara

    Why wait until you’re grown-up to do something you love? If you want to be a writer , or an actor , or even a wizard , I’d say just go for it!

  6. Artemishunting4

    I’d like to be a teacher or a music teacher or an author. I’d like to be a teacher because I like helping other kids with their education. I’d like to be a music teacher because I love music! Also, I’d like to be an author because I love to write. I hope to be as good as Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling!

  7. emeraldeyes29

    Author. I’m pretty good for my age, and I want to be as good as JK Rowling. Or I’d become a Charms Professor at Hogwarts.
    Professor/Author Emeraldeyes12

  8. Aqua

    hmm……. i would want to be a singer…….. i sing all the time everywhere! i think it would be my best career! i might even meet Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!!!

  9. SilverFairy1

    Writer!!! Or a poet!!! I wanna be a writer cause well its what im rreally good at. I’m writing a books right know ( still looking for titles!!) it’s about a girl ( Laycie)and her two best friends ( Tamia and saffron) find out that laycie has unbelievable power.
    So ya. i wanna be a writer.I am also looking to write a book like something noone has read before. Cya people

  10. Puppypops

    Well i would love to be an auror.But if magic is not discovered may i could stick to my dream of becoming an author

  11. Marytonga

    Author/actress. Author because I love writing (and I’m pretty good for a twelve-year-old, if I do say so myself!) and actress because I have TV and movie ideas, and I’m very overprotective of my main characters!

  12. Percy and harry fan

    Hmm…I wouldn’t mind being an Auror…but I think I’ll have to wait all my life! (or all eternity)
    That’s why I either want to be a lawyer or a professor.